Anarchy In New England

Don’t read this one. At least don’t start with it. And maybe consider skipping the first chapter entirely.

This was the first book I wrote, released by a small publisher in 2015.

The publisher has since folded, hence why only used versions are available on Amazon. He was essentially helping people self-publish, but I didn’t really understand that at the time. I would have hired an editor had I known that the publisher wouldn’t be doing much editing.

Still, plenty of people would chastise me for discouraging anyone from reading this. It showcases how a society could function without one single coercive government.

I’m still proud of it. I like the storyline. It just doesn’t feel like a finished product to me. But maybe that’s just the artist in me being too critical of my past work.

In any event, it is part of the journey that got me here, so I wouldn’t change a thing.

I plan on releasing a free audio/ Youtube version that will include commentary and critiques.

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