Flight Grounded

To keep America’s biggest secret, the Department of Civilian Oversight has commenced Operation Flight Grounded.

All because of a small equipment malfunction, countless lives will be destroyed.

But what they are preserving is bigger than the individual… at least, that’s the government’s story.


A man calling himself Jake Evans contacted me and offered me an interesting proposition. He had a short book for me, already written, which I could publish as fiction, and take all the revenue from.

He said he was just trying to get the word out on something really insane that was going on inside the United States. In fact, he claimed I’d never been outside the United States…

This was silly of course. I’ve traveled abroad a number of times. But as I gave the text a quick thumb-through, my heart skipped a beat. I always do seem to get drowsy and nod-off as the plane departs…

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