Latest Works

The Gulf

At the turn of the 22nd century, Dege still has some classic young man struggles…

His friends are more successful than him, and he still lives at home. But home is a floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico, part of a larger mobile floating island.

The whole place sails for the most boring and restrictive port on Monday, and away from the party port where his friends will be staying without him.

At least the amazing woman he just met is going to the next port too.

Unfortunately so is the Gulf business mogul, who Dege just found out is a sexual predator… and Dege is his prey.

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Anarchy In New England

Private security companies formed the bedrock of this 2115 society and bring it out of the New Dark Ages.

Now a third-generation legacy security company is seeing its power slide to a growing array of competitors.

The best solution, according to the owner, is to reform a government, which hasn’t existed in New England since the collapse, almost 100 years ago.

Flight Grounded

To keep America’s biggest secret, the Department of Civilian Oversight has commenced Operation Flight Grounded.

All because of a small equipment malfunction, countless lives will be destroyed.

But what they are preserving is bigger than the individual… at least, that’s the government’s story.