0217fd09-b6d0-4dcc-bd27-8837cc557b30I am the author of two thriller novels, Flight Grounded, and Anarchy in New England.

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8 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Hey! Saw that you liked my blog and posts. Thanks for the kudos! I’m digging your thoughts as well. The taxation one recently written is well put. Very conservative approach and I tend to agree.

  2. Joe: I am half way through “Anarchy in New England” and looking forward to its conclusion. I read “Atlas Shrugged” while in the Air Force in 1961. While recovering from prostate surgery last year, I started researching Libertarianism and anarchy. Starting with Freedom Domain Radio, I have progressed rapidly in my assimilation of anarchy thought and so far I am in 100 percent agreement with you after reading some of your blogs today. I will leave First Data soon and move on to a full time writing career here in Omaha or wherever it takes me while optionally pursing a PhD in political economy and journalism. I am quite comfortable with non-fiction writing and I look forward to tackling fiction with a goal much like yours: a series of novels similar to “Atlas Shrugged” and “Anarchy in New England”. Each book will be a “Libertaria phase” that will follow the progression of the economic/societal collapse we are rapidly head toward, Agorism, secession, replacement of rulers with natural free-market leaders, and expansion of a voluntary, free-market, private law society locally, internationally and within and beyond the solar system. I thinking of using literary license to loosely tie the fictional narratives of imaginary descendants to my family name and lifetime experiences. Should be fun learning and creatively applying the techniques of fiction. The future is exciting and the time is now! I will be following your future blogs and books with an eye to your thoughts on how to approach fiction. Celebrate Life, set the bar high and LIVE FREE! ~David Pratt Demarest

    • David, i am honored to be mentioned alongside Ayn Rand and appreciate you taking the time to read my first novel! I am working on a couple others right now, one in the same univerde as Anarchy in New England, and another entirely seperate with a creepy twist. Keep me updated on your progress, i would be very interested to read your writings!

    • The only authority comes when another violates your rights. To compel someone to pay a debt or seek justice for an actual crime is not a violation of their rights. This could happen without government, and has in the past under common law. With government, we are first guaranteed that our rights will be violated in order to hopefully be protected by them.

  3. I, too, Read Ayn Rand’s Novels and generally agree with her philosophies. As we can all see, there is a SCREAMING MATCH between two Parties who are pretty much the same, with different promises.

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