Announcing my free online series “The Gulf”

At the turn of the 22nd century, Dege still has some classic young man struggles…

His friends are more successful than him, and he still lives at home. But home is a floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico, part of a larger mobile floating island.

The whole place sails for the most boring and restrictive port on Monday, and away from the party port where his friends will be staying without him.

At least the amazing woman he just met is going to the next port too.

Unfortunately so is a Gulf business mogul who Dege just found out is a sexual predator… and Dege is his prey.

After three long years with no new content, this is the gist of my new series called The Gulf.

Season one will be released in seven episodes starting this Sunday July 28.

There will be audio versions of each episode if you would rather listen than read. Original artwork by freelance illustrators will accompany each episode.

And it will all be entirely free.

If you’re on my email list, you will also immediately get access to Episode 2. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Then you’ll continue to get each episode in advance of all those suckers who didn’t subscribe.

Since I’m releasing this new work of fiction for free, joining my email list, liking my page, following me, and above all sharing with your friends is the best way to support me.

Joining my email list also gives you access to all the extras like unpublished illustrations from the story, question/ answer webinars, and other exclusive content.

Thanks for being patient, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of my new work!

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