Governing by Lies

It just seems like every time I read the news there are just two sides shouting back and forth at each other. “Get over Benghazi” some journalists say, as if Republicans were harping on a lost football game. Never mind that the Obama administration literally lied to the face of every American for 2 weeks about what caused the diplomats’ deaths, when they knew very well the real reasons. We are starting to get at those reasons, but they are still fuzzy because of hidden witnesses, and a more competent effort to cover up the story than to protect American ambassadors. “All politicians lie”. A) That’s a problem. B) That doesn’t give Obama a free pass. C) Obama lies even more than the other politicians and with greater negative consequences to individuals and America as a whole.

Another lie used to “govern”, if you can even call it that, is the recent report that came out from the White House about the impending doomsday brought on by global warming, or global cooling, or climate change, or extreme weather conditions—or whatever, humans caused it, earth is doomed, shut up. This winter when it snowed for a week straight I didn’t sit there and say, “see no global warming”, because I live in New England. I didn’t even use the snowstorm in North Carolina that I drove through in February to argue against global warming! Yet the President claims in an “official” report that extreme weather conditions are getting worse.

No, they’re not, and this science is even easier to prove. It is simply, are there more hurricanes, or fewer? Do they cause more damage, or less? As opposed to, “we have definitely isolated the human variable and know that it is the sole cause of climate change, despite the billions of years of changing climates before humans, and despite the millions of other variables that effect global temperatures, and its a sin to even suggest that maybe the science isn’t settled. Oh and if you disagree with us, then you are actually denying science, not debating the facts and methods used to form the conclusions, and you also believe the earth is 4,000 years old.”

But then the administration also has a well trained offensive line to keep them from being sacked, and we call them the media. Every decade Indiana University does a survey of 1,000 journalists. This time around, 28% are Democrats, and “At 7.1 percent last year, America’s newsrooms housed a lower percentage of Republicans than San Francisco (8.4 percent).”

The rest are supposedly independent or aligned with some other political party. Yet in 1992 89% of Washington correspondents voted for Bill Clinton. So the liberal bias is pretty obvious. But it is more than bias, sometimes it is downright lies, and sometimes worse, leaving out the truth completely.

Examples: NBC edited an audio recording of George Zimmerman to make it seem like he volunteered the information, “looks like he’s black” to the 911 operator, when in reality, she asked Trayvon Martin’s race. Regardless of your opinion on that whole matter, journalists should not be editing recordings to make someone seem more racist to fit their agenda.

Chris Matthews towed the line for weeks that “it was the video” that caused the “riot” outside of the American embassy in Benghazi when the Americans were murdered. Good job doing your job and looking into facts Chris.

Joe the plumber was vetted more than President Obama when Obama responded to his concern with, “When you spread the wealth around, its good for everybody”. Did you know Joe the plumber once got a DUI? Did you know all of Obama’s academic and financial records from college are sealed?

How about the media missing the story about the ATF running guns across the Mexican border in operation “Fast and Furious”. Most Americans think Vin Diesel was somehow involved. Nope it was Eric Holder probably; we don’t know because Obama exerted executive privilege over documents subpoenaed by congress.

And then there are the classic media pieces where absolutely no journalism is practiced as in, “Well the bill says Affordable Care Act, so I guess it makes care affordable. Criticize every opponent of it as hating that Americans have access to healthcare”. Or who could forget the classic, “Well guns are scary, and these politicians say gun control will help, so forget the Harvard Study, the CDC report, and countless years and pages of examples and facts regarding the ineffectiveness of gun control, and detriment to personal security “gun free zones” and gun bans have caused, lets just pretend everyone against gun control loves to watch children die”. How can we even call these people journalists? They are essentially human microphones for politicians.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve missed thousands upon thousand of examples of the media outright lying, and covering up the truth. And I’ve missed thousands examples of the Obama administration lying and refusing to acknowledge the truth. But the point is, a government should not be run on lies. Lies should not be the main tool used to “get things done”. We need to hold the media and politicians to a higher standard, instead of letting apathy take over and giving in to, “Eh, all politicians are terrible”. Well that is a problem! They are literally deciding the fate of the world, and yet we can’t be bothered to participate in the government by and for the people, as much as we participate in forming brackets for college basketball?

What an opportunity Americans were given at the birth of this nation, and what squandering of that blessing today occurs!

We Don’t Trust the Feds: States Need Their Power Restored

A new poll has found a “historic low” in the trust young people have for government. 18-29 year olds’ trust in the President, Congress, the military, the Supreme Court, and the federal government as a whole has declined for years, but especially over the last 2 years. Trust in the media has also declined, but trust in state and local government has remained the same for the past 4 years.

And that is what is so great about America, we have 50 state governments to pick up the pieces when the federal government drops the ball. The federal government does everything it can to boss the states around, in an attempt to exert control, but some states are starting to fight back. Since there is no Constitutional way for the federal government to issue orders to the states, the feds have been holding money over the states ever since the 16th amendment was passed authorizing the federal income tax. States comply with the feds if they want their handouts of highway funds, education funds, grants, and other bribery.

But when we think about all the failures of the federal government, we still seem to have this “it is a necessary evil” attitude; but why? Our state governments are practically like little countries anyway, and think of how much money they would have to work with if the federal government wasn’t stealing a quarter of the wealth created by Americans every year.

So really when you think about it, what would be so bad about the federal government just disappearing? States would finally have control back of their national guard. We would see competition among intelligence and other military capabilities where one state would build a good international spying system, and trade intelligence to other states in exchange for, say, the other state’s naval capacity, or just for a price. This would be the same specialization technique which allows business to thrive without having to perform every little task involved in making and marketing their product. And what is even better, the states would be hard-pressed to agree to send their own militias overseas to fight wars relatively unrelated to the states’ interests, so our national offense would be restored to national defense.

Other competition among the states would see industry boom, without the federal regulations, which currently cost businesses in America more than the entire gross domestic product of Canada! If one state has little regulations, businesses might set up shop there. If that lack of regulation leads to death and suffering, people would move out of the state, or use businesses from states with the proper regulation in place. But more likely, businesses would behave appropriately from the start, because they would have to succeed on their own making customers happy, unable to appeal to federal funds to bail out or subsidize their terrible business practices.

The state governments existed before the federal government, and created the national government by joining together, believing they would be just as able to exit the union peacefully. Today our national government works against the interests of individuals, and against the interests of the states. The 10th Amendment—anything not authorized under the Constitution is left for the states to decide, unless also prohibited by the Constitution—has gone by the wayside as the feds seize ever more control, ignoring the Constitutional limitations that the states originally placed on the national government. It is time state government stand up and refuse to recognize the authority the feds falsely claim to have, and restore balance and peace to our great nation.