Are Photos Stealing Your Soul?

Some say certain tribes from all over the world have believed in the past that a photograph can steal your soul.

More recently, studies have suggested that taking pictures actually makes it harder to remember an event. I guess since we have a physical record of it, we let the mental record slip. And then when we look at the photo, we let that serve as the memory instead of revisiting the moment in our minds.

But the other day I realized that photos have been stealing my soul in a different way. When I find myself in a picturesque moment, instead of basking in the joy of life, I sometimes feel the drive to preserve it in a picture. Continue reading

Wake Up America! Picture From Egypt

Apparently some Egyptians agree with me, and others, that the U.S. is helping dictators oppress and murder their civilians.




This one goes well with the post last week about recognizing and preventing genocide. It’s hard to carry out a genocide against armed victims.




And a nice quote from Thomas Sowell.