Peace and Equality Cannot Exist With a State

It is ironic that some people who claim to hold peace and equality as the ultimate goal for human civilization think they can get there by using the government. But government, by its very nature, is incompatible with both.

Firstly, the government, at its core, is funded by violence: theft they call taxation, enforced ultimately at the point of a gun. Secondly a country with a government is made up of people who make the rules (government) and people who must follow the rules (citizens). The haves and the have nots, if you will, i.e. inequality.

Peace cannot be created through violent aggression. Equality cannot be achieved through elevating some to master over their fellow man.

It is ridiculous to think a government could create peace, when a government cannot exist without violence. All government power is derived through violence. At the end of the day, every action government takes is backed up by a gun, a cage, and the threat of imprisonment or death.

It is absurd to think equality could be created by an institution that depends on inequality to exist. Someone who takes my money by force is not my equal. Someone who can invade my home without provocation, permission, or punishment is not my equal. People wielding the power and violence of government could never be considered equal to the people they control. If there is a political class, if there is a government, there cannot be equality.

This is simple logic. Peace and Equality are incompatible with government.

While government exists, peace cannot.

While government exists, equality cannot.


Should I Trust The Government?

20141210_101127How is this even a question anymore? Why do people still jump to support their slave masters, and make excuses for every abuse we suffer as inferior citizens to the political class?

Since the first NSA spying revelations came to light, the government has repeatedly changed the story, only to be caught lying with the next revelations. We have a Nobel Peace Prize winning President who’s drones have bombed wedding parties in a country we are not even at war with. America has police officers armed to the teeth with military weapons, who kill more innocent Americans per year than terrorists. All the while these elitists don’t trust us with guns, they call peaceful groups terrorists, and every injustice is carried out with our money, in a system where theft is legitimate if you call it taxes instead of extortion.

America puts people in jail for drug crimes without a victim, yet those who teamed up with the government to steal our tax dollars for their corporations are free. America puts away organic farmers and raw milk salesmen 1,000 times more aggressively than it prosecutes murderous cops, and corrupt congressmen.

Insider trading is legal for members of Congress! But If I want to start my own business, I better not conceal from the IRS anything that I have earned. Better yet, I should not speak out publicly about politics if I don’t want to be audited.

And now we see the CIA torture report, which seems to reveal who the true terrorists are. Water boarding to the point of almost drowning in a salt pit dungeon where they claimed nothing of the sort ever happened. Shoving foreign objects and substances up rectums because it prevented terrorist attacks. Can you imagine the fury and volume of exploded metal that would shower the middle east if American marines were routinely treated in such a way? Then it would be torture, but sitting in the courtyard of the evil empire makes people here claim these are necessary tactics. These tactics do work out for some: namely the people in government who want perpetual war. You see, when the sheeple give the government more power, and more money in times of war, you can expect a government that is perpetually at war.

And how far do you have to go back to when the U.S. government quite literally enslaved young men, and sent them off to die for their homeland? The draft? Are you kidding me? How the hell did anyone put up with this?! And they criticize our generation! Their brothers, fathers, sons, cousins, and friends were taken at the point of a gun, and thrust toward the “enemy” in Vietnam in countless waves to die. Almost 18,000 of those 650,000 slaves, forced into a mercenary army, died while slaves to this country.

That was all legal. How can people support laws without questioning whether they are just? How has it gotten to the point that almost 70 years after the Nuremberg trials, men and women in our government are repeating the phrase used by Nazi’s, with success no less: “I was just following orders”. We aren’t supposed to get mad at the SWAT members who kill innocent 7 year old girls in their bed when the wrong house is raided. They were just following orders.


It was about 75 years ago that this very government violated the rights of anyone with Japanese ancestry, and put them in concentration camps! There are people alive today that were sent there by this very government! How can anyone fathom trusting a single action of the government, with so much as an ounce of their being?! Stockholm syndrome does not begin to express the blind and insane devotion many have to such a sociopathic abusive “Motherland”.

This government makes no distinction between protesters and rioters, except when the protesters are gassed and pepper sprayed. This government threatens more legal action against those who would protect their private property, than those looting it. A free market is conflated with a government regulated market: the non-existent former is blamed for all the problems caused by the latter.

It was once legal to own slaves, illegal to drink alcohol, legal to subjugate women, illegal to own gold. Laws are meaningless. Right and wrong is meaningful. Yet many are more concerned with obeying the laws than protecting actual victims. 80,000 dangerous SWAT raids a year for drugs, when the public was assured 30 years ago the teams would only be used for hostage situations. We are now being told that military tanks going to local police will only be used against terrorists, and in hostage situations. Last time they used a bearcat in a hostage situation, the hostage was killed.


But with all the fear, doom and gloom, God forbid I want to own a big gun myself! It is not hard to figure these people out, they count on blind obedience. If they cared about our safety, they would not try to stop us from obtaining weapons, and protecting ourselves against criminals with them. Edward Snowden aided the American people with revelations about how corrupt our government is, and they charged him with aiding the enemy. So then who is the enemy?

And still people think they can bring about peace and equality through government action. People think a system agressive by nature, hierarchical by design could bring about peace and equality. Others hate everything the government does, until it comes to their foot soldiers, the only ones who could actually carry out the oppression ordered down by the elites. The smartest thing politicians ever did to secure their own power was to splinter fascism into the two party system, to keep the peasants perpetually arguing about the “differences”. One idolizes the welfare nanny state, one worships the military police state.

Should you trust the government? Never has the answer to a question been so obviously: No, Never. Don’t sit there and pretend I’m paranoid. Don’t complacently think anything would be different now than it has been for the past 100 years, when it comes to the intentions and actions of the government.

You know, we all know, what we’ll get if we trust the government. You know exactly what you will get, because it will be exactly what everyone who has ever trusted the government has got.

Government is Incompatible with Peace and Equality

It is ironic that some people who claim to hold peace and equality as the ultimate goal for human civilization think they can get there by using the government. How brainwashed must people be to believe government could create peace or equality? Government, by its very nature, is incompatible with both.

This is because the defining characteristic of government is that it does not compete, it monopolizes. It does not earn, it takes. The government cannot be funded except by stealing money at the point of a gun AKA violence. And if you resist, it gets even more violent. Peace cannot be created through violent aggression. There will be no peace until initiating force stops. And if there is no initiation of force, there is no government as currently defined.

And it is even more absurd to think equality could be created by an institution that depends on inequality to exist. Someone who takes my money by force is not my equal. Someone who can invade my home without provocation, permission, or punishment is not my equal. We literally vote for people to be in charge of us, or we don’t vote, and people are still in charge of us. People wielding the power and violence of government could never be considered equal to the people they control. Again, if there is a political class, if there is a government, there cannot be equality.

This is simple logic. Peace and Equality are incompatible with government.

While government exists, peace cannot.

While government exists, equality cannot.


The Wage Gap


By Jen Lade

You have probably heard the quotation attributed to Mark Twain about three kinds of lies: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” I wonder if when Twain said that line, he imagined that statistics would be used to push and justify government intervention into countless areas of private life.

While writing an article for another publication (disclaimer: I kind of hate this article, but I need to pay the bills), I  found the National Partnership for Women & Families using statistics on the alleged “wage gap” between men and women to advocate for new laws about pay discrimination, such as the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which President Obama signed into law. The Paycheck Fairness Act passed the House in 2009 but did not make it out of the Senate. It has been reintroduced each year but has not yet passed.

An analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by the National Partnership for Women & Families found that across the state, the median yearly pay for women in Massachusetts is $14,079 less than the median yearly pay for Massachusetts men, or 77 cents for every dollar. That number is about the same nationally.

The most dishonest people cite that statistic and leave it at that. All employers must be scumbags, hiring a man and a woman for the same job and paying women 23 percent less. But of course there is more to the story.

Some people will take it a step further and acknowledge that the women’s choices — what to major in at college, what job to take, how many hours a week to work, years taken off from fulltime work to stay home with kids — are going to create discrepancies in the median pay between men and women.

For example, in 2011, 22% of male physicians and 44% of female physicians worked less than full time. This is a better explanation than pay discrimination for why female doctors’ median pay is lower than male doctors’.

Then there were other factors I didn’t even consider when writing my article, which someone wrote in the comments section. These included the hypothesis that even before having families, at least some women are making career choices with the expectation that they will leave their career when they have children. They might choose lower-paying jobs with other perks like flexible hours, for example. My low-paying newspaper reporter job translated perfectly to a freelance position when I had kids.

Another interesting thing to consider is that earning money and controlling money are two different things.  Seventy-six percent of Americans believe that men control more wealth than women. But a new survey of Federal Reserve Board data reveals that women actually control 51.3% of personal wealth in the United States. So does it really matter if men are earning the money if women are controlling it?

But those shouting “Pay discrimination!” are impervious to these facts. They continue to push new legislation, even though we’ve had decades of the Equal Pay Act of 1963,  which prohibits employers from paying women less than men in the same job, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which also deals with pay discrimination. New legislation can handcuff businesses with needless regulation and lawsuits that can drive up the cost of doing business and actually lead to fewer people being hired overall. If you’re actually being discriminated against, sue. But don’t pretend it’s a nationwide conspiracy to shortchange women.

Wealthy Pay More Than Their Fair Share

As the tax rate for the top earners in America went up between 2007-2009, tax revenues fell. Their tax rate went up from 19.4% to 21% while tax rates from the lowest two quintiles dropped from -5.8 to -9.3%. Negative! That means the bottom 40% of earners in this country got more money from the government than they paid in taxes. (Full article).

“The top 20 percent of earners — the top quintile — bore 67.9 percent of the federal tax burden in 2009. The middle quintile paid 9.4 percent, while the lowest paid .03 percent of the federal tax burden”. These numbers speak for themselves. And more “The top 1 percent of earners’ pre-tax income dropped 36 percent between 2007 and 2009, while the four lowest quintiles saw a loss of only about 5 percent”.

Income disparities are not growing, as the wealth is spread the gap between the rich and the poor shrinks, but so does the economy. Everyone’s income dropped over the past few years, but the top 1% dropped more than anyone else. People need to realize that when the top earners earn more they are taking us along for the ride. Their success is our success. Their failure is our failure. Yes, we can make income inequality shrink as long as we are willing to shrink our economy, and do without technological advance. We will all be worse off, but we will be more equal in monetary terms. If that is the goal of the left then fine, but just realize what they are actually trying to achieve.

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