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First off, welcome to my blog, where you can read about freedom, philosophy, and the future!

I am a writer mini-farming on the panhandle of Florida; a transplant from Massachusetts.

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This blog was once geared towards politics and government, but I now write on those subjects for The Daily Bell.

Freedom is my passion, and themes of liberation are woven into essentially all my writing. I want to build a future that will only get better for future generations.

My vision is nothing like what we have experienced on Earth before, but I am not pessimistic about the possibilities of changing that trajectory.

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Flight Grounded: A Novella By Joe Jarvis

My second major work of fiction has been published! A fast paced dystopian thriller, Flight Grounded follows a Vermont man named Jake Evans as he flees from agents of the state in an attempt to escape to Canada after being accused of carrying out a terrorist attack. Continue reading

Anarchy in New England

Have you ever asked the question, “Do we need government?” Any. At all.

We all are familiar with the debate about how much government we need, but why is it taken as a given that we need at least some government?

My fiction novel, Anarchy in New England, takes place in a world without government. How would that work? Well read the book to find out! It addresses most questions people have about how an anarchist society would function.

But what if someone attacks me, do I need an army to stay safe? How will criminals be brought to justice? What if someone tries to take over to fill the power vacuum? What would money be like, and who would issue it? Would business run amok without regulation?

I’ve blogged about all these things before, and explained why I believe the free market would satisfy all the needs government currently takes care of, but better, and with lower costs. Oh right, and force would not be required to get things done.

The society would be built on the idea that it is never okay to steal, beat, or murder, even if you call yourself the government. But let’s be real, it isn’t that fun exploring an anarchist world in theory, analyzing the economics, and discussing the philosophy. So I created an anarchist world, 100 years in the future.

After society collapses in the 2020’s, New England is the first to rebound years later, and private enterprise outcompetes government for the products and services. It is a simulation of how such a society would function. And what might go wrong. Suppose someone, with lots of guns and power, does try to take over. What then? How might this unfold? Well you’ll just have to read Anarchy in New England to find out.

Anarchy in New England is currently available on Amazon in paperback.

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We Could Use a Man Like Calvin Coolidge Again

calvin coolodge

Calvin Coolidge was that silent President who never did anything while in office for 5 years, right? He never passed a flawed universal health bill, he never started a handful of wars, he never instituted a federal “assault weapons” ban, he never blatantly lied while telling the American people to read his lips, and he never started an un-winnable war on drugs–so he is remembered as having done nothing. In reality, Coolidge did what almost every President since has promised, yet failed, to do. Calvin Coolidge cut taxes, reduced unemployment, balanced the budget, spurred economic growth, and suppressed inflation. But because our idea of a leader as someone who has to leave their legacy, instead of someone who responsibly runs the country, Coolidge is pretty much criticized for not jamming some kind of lofty sounding bill down America’s throat.

David Pietrusza is an author and historian who wrote the Daily Caller article about a new book coming out called “Coolidge” by Amity Shlaes. He has also produced a biography of the 30th President often called Silent Cal. Calvin Coolidge should stand as a reminder that an ideal President need not be a celebrity, and really should not be on the minds of Americans on a daily basis. Henry David Thoreau said “That government is best which governs least”, and Coolidge exemplified this. He improved the lives and conditions of Americans across the board, and did more with less–he balanced the budget while reducing taxes. Coolidge’s vision was not an all encompassing nanny state, but a responsible government which is there when needed, but does not bully its way into every aspect of daily life.

A quarter of the federal debt was retired under Coolidge, and only the top 2% of earners payed any income taxes at all by the end of his time in the White House. Predictably state governments grew in size during this same time, taking on more responsibility for governing. When state government are empowered, it is another check in the American checks and balances system, which does not allow one group or person to gain too much power. According to the tenth amendment, states should handle most of what the federal government deals with these days, and localizing government means solutions are more tailored to the problems, and people can participate more meaningfully in their governments. What we really need is to get away from the idea that the government needs to “do something”, because usually when they “do something”, it creates a bigger problem, and the cycle begins anew.

“It is much more important to kill bad bills, than to pass good ones”. -Calvin Coolidge