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You wake up with a needle in you and don’t remember falling asleep. Terrified and confused, you run, and you are chased.

You hardly have time to ask yourself what the hell is going on before you see your image on a news broadcast. They say you blew up a plane.

Jake Evans finds himself in this situation. But from there, it only thickens.

Is America hiding a terrible secret? Or perhaps Jake is being manipulated by dubious strangers.

Only one thing is certain: the lengths he must go to find his way out of this mess will leave a mark.

Available in paperback and eBook.

Rodger Paxton of the LAVA Flow Podcast says: “I picked this book up directly from Joe himself after already having read his first novel. This one is completely different than his first, and not in a bad way. It is fast paced from the first page and will make you think about things quite differently. It made me think quite a lot about what must be going on in North Korea for the average person and their perception of the world, but it is set here in the United States.

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Anarchy in New England, was my first novel, published in 2015. It is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book. You can Buy it with Bitcoin on the publisher’s site Free Press Publications.

In 2115 New England, society is thriving, a century after a worldwide economic and societal collapse. There are no borders, no states, and no regulations, yet never has a more peaceful and prosperous place existed on earth.

But there is unrest in this apparent paradise. Mr. Drake’s third generation security company has seen better days, and his arbiter friend Mr. Barry is under investigation by the publication Business Ethics Review for allegedly taking a bribe. Faced with the prospect of a crumbling business, and waning power, the two devise a plan to reform society to their liking. Mr. Drake and Mr. Barry intend to replace the anarchy of New England, with a corrupt government.

However, intrepid reporter Molly Metis, won’t be intimidated by the pair. Despite attempts to stop her, she continues to dig deeper into recent events surrounding Drake and Barry. She is sure she can expose the dark plot, but will anybody care? And what will be the cost?

From Amazon:

J V Dumont rates it 4/5 stars: “My initial thought regarding the title was “terror in the streets,” but in Joe Jarvis’ new book Anarchy in New England, readers will find his Utopia. In this futuristic story life is good and society is thriving in a sustainable fashion. But, there may in fact be terror in the streets. Two failing businessmen concoct a violent plan to return the world to a society where the power of the few repress the masses. Keep a light on, you’ll be reading all night…”

Jay says: “Ayn Rand Would Be Smiling.”

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  1. I usually just go to the library now cause I have hundreds of books already!!! But I will make an exception for the capitalistic cause lol! Looks like a great read!

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