“Flight Grounded” is Now Free!


First off, welcome to my blog, where you can read about freedom, philosophy, and the future in both fiction and factual form!

And you heard right, I am giving away my latest novella! You can now read my 2016 dystopian thriller “Flight Grounded” for free, just by signing up for my email list.

I’m not going to send you many emails, only when I actually have something new to share with you. Expect an email about once a week, and try not to be too disappointed if I miss a week because I’m off gallivanting in Lithuania.

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Pack Animals (Season 1 Episode 2)

Read the first Episode here if you missed it!

Scene 1:

Bubbling through a glass coil, the greenish blue liquid dripped drop by drop into a crystal vial. The bald man with pale yellow skin, and a sharp nose with low wire rim glasses was wearing a lab coat, and mumbling to himself as he carefully measured out ingredients.

He hurried over to a stainless steel table, and crushed some herbs haphazardly in a mortar and pestle. A beep came from a metal machine that stopped whirring, and began spitting. Just in time to catch the effervescent flow, the scientist shoved a glass beaker under the fizzy liquid. Continue reading