Calling Out Propaganda

Don’t you love calling out government hypocrisy, and their attempts to control us through media? It helps you stay ahead of the curve and make sure your behavior doesn’t fall into their traps, including how you act financially.

I have started writing for a news outlet called The Daily Bell which specializes in exposing the way in which the media presents information to fit a particular narrative. This narrative the media promotes is one of fear and helplessness, which governments and elites promote to stay in power, and keep the masses under control.

The idea is that when we are afraid, our logic is weakened, and we are therefore most likely to take a path that seems safe and of little resistance.The media control the choices, even sometimes in the way we think, so whatever you choose to believe out of fear, works for them. That path is prescribed by those in power to work for their purposes.

For instance, I saw the movie Get Out the other night, and was extremely entertained. The only reason this is a problem is because the movie promotes a racial agenda which inserts suspicion and divisiveness into interracial relationships. The movie subtly suggests that law enforcement and the government are more trustworthy than your everyday white neighbors in suburbia.

Many people disagree with me, thinking I am looking too far into the motives of a basic comical movie. But it only shows that the movie is clever in that the propaganda does not take center stage, it works itself in to be a subconscious reaction. For instance, at the end, you cheer for the comic relief TSA agent that saves the day.

That is one example of what The Daily Bell does, but go check it out for yourself. Besides media, there are ways the government controls our actions and decisions based on immigration, monetary policy, regulation, and so much more.

Join the lively discussion in the comments section.

I will still be posting here about my usual freedom oriented material, and may be venturing more into general lifestyle than political philosophy. But my writing will always have that spark of freedom.

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