“Flight Grounded” is Now Free!

First off, welcome to my blog, where you can read about freedom, philosophy, and the future in both fiction and factual form!

And you heard right, I am giving away my latest novella! You can now read my 2016 dystopian thriller “Flight Grounded” for free, just by signing up for my email list.

I’m not going to send you many emails, only when I actually have something new to share with you. Expect an email about once a week, and try not to be too disappointed if I miss a week because I’m off gallivanting in Lithuania.

A Variety of Content

I write non-fiction blog posts on philosophy, society, and the future of freedom. Fiction short story series are something new you’ll start seeing more of, and then there are videos, which right now mostly consist of book reviews.

My email list keeps you up to date on the latest everything; fresh unique novels, projects to build free societies, videos of my mini-farm, a documentary in the works, and other super secret projects that I can reveal when the time is right.

Just like pictures? Follow me on Instagram for rad pics of the mini-farm, places I travel, and adorable fuzzy animals.


Do you enjoy discussing things like the philosophy of freedom, and the future of civilization? I respond to all comments on my blog, so please don’t be shy! Your input is important to me, because I’m actually after truth.

I have been wrong before, and I am sure I will be wrong again. Let me know what you think. (On a side not, I also like when people tell me I’m right.)


“Pack Animals” is my first short story series; a horror show set in a dystopian society with a mad scientist bent on revenge, and packs of blood-thirsty dogs.

I release short stories series by the episode and season. This is something new I am doing. Again I respond to all comments, so please ask me questions, give me your predictions, or criticize my prose.

I have also written a novel called “Anarchy in New England,” about a futuristic society and the novella “Flight Grounded,” which you are getting free for joining my email list.

Let’s Work Together

If you want some free content for your blog or website, I will deliver. Let me know if you need a guest post, and if you have a certain subject matter in mind, I am versatile. I also am open to guest posts on this blog. Use the contact form to get in touch, or leave a comment!

Feel free to share any of my posts in full on your blog or website. Of course I just ask that you link back to my blog.

I’m not above whoring myself out either… for writing that is. Contact me with any work you need done and we can make it happen.

And of course, like my page, and share with your friends when you see something that tickles your fancy. I appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff! Thank you.

Don’t forget to sign up for the email list to get your free book, “Flight Grounded”!

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