Welcome! Take a Free Book

First off, welcome to my blog, where you can read about freedom, philosophy, and the future!

I am a writer mini-farming on the panhandle of Florida; a transplant from Massachusetts.

And you heard right, I am giving away my latest novella! You can now read my dystopian thriller “Flight Grounded” for free, just by signing up for my email list.

(I’m not going to send you many emails, only when I actually have something new to share with you. Expect an email about once a week.)

Short Story Series’ are coming! That’s another good reason to join the email list now so you don’t miss the start of an epic adventure.

This blog was once geared towards politics and government, but I now write on those subjects for The Daily Bell.

Freedom is my passion, and themes of liberation are woven into essentially all my writing. I want to build a future that will only get better for future generations.

My vision is nothing like what we have experienced on Earth before, but I am not pessimistic about the possibilities of changing that trajectory.

My email list keeps you up to date on the latest everything; fresh unique novels, projects to build free societies, videos of my mini-farm, and other super secret projects that I can reveal when the time is right.

Just like pictures? Follow me on Instagram for rad pics of the mini-farm, places I travel, but mostly adorable fuzzy animals.

I am the author of a novel called “Anarchy in New England,” about a futuristic society and the novella “Flight Grounded,” which you are getting free for joining my email list.

More are in the works!

Feel free to share any of my posts in full on your blog or website. Of course, I just ask that you link back to my blog.

Don’t hesitate to Contact me or comment, and I will gladly reply.

And of course, like my page, and share with your friends when you see something that tickles your fancy. I appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff! Thank you.

Don’t forget to sign up for the email list to get your free book, “Flight Grounded”!

4 thoughts on “Welcome! Take a Free Book

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