How Love is Replacing Fear as a Power Source

The age of fear is coming to a close, and love is taking it’s place. People are trending towards getting along, and the media makes people fear because fear is one of two ways to control. It is the last stand of a dying beast.

We live in the most peaceful and prosperous time in the recorded history of earth. The smallest percentage of the globe is in poverty, and rapidly expanding technology is quickly making the dream that we can all live happy and abundant lives a reality.

The internet is revolutionizing the way we communicate and solve problems, and the wealth and technology already exists for everyone on earth to live awesome lives.

The book Bold describes how exponential technologies are expanding opportunities to everyone on earth. A member of an African tribe has access to the same amount of technology that the President of the United States had just two decades ago. This is the democratization of wealth, technology, and opportunity.

In a truly free market, which the internet and technology will soon make possible, only those who figure out how to best serve their fellow man will be successful. That is why love will replace fear as the way to gain power. You will only be successful if people love your product, love your business, and love you.

If you cannot be feared and loved, be feared said Machiavelli in The Prince. But he was speaking to governments on how to stay in control. Of the people, he said they wish only to not be oppressed. And though rule by fear is easy, if the ruler is hated it is not. To keep people in fear without them hating you is a tricky balance, and once Humpty-Dumpty falls, he cannot be put back together again.

Instead, How to Win Friends and Influence People gives a recipe for gaining power through love. Dale Carnegie intensely researched the way to be successful, and concluded it is to be interested in people. Not to act interested in people, to be interested in people. Not to pretend you care about them, but to actually care about them. And that is where the world is trending, apart from a few noisy troublemakers still clinging on to their old world power.

Just like how technology has and will continue to democratize, power will be spread out among the people. We will all have a chance to be successful simply by serving our fellow man, which was always meant to be the true point of any business.

Remember, fear is the old world method of control, and to take back control we must use love. Love is the future of success, peace, and prosperity for all mankind. We have the power to usher it in quickly. Let’s liberate.

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