Don’t Let America’s Raging Election Screw You

The doomsday clock ticks down to under a week. At this point, strange women, lying in ponds, distributing swords, would be a preferable basis for a system of government.

But there is a silver lining.

Elections have always been about dividing the American populace into two camps. Finally, this election is about unity. We can all agree that both major candidates on the ballot are just absolutely terrible. Why even bother recapping their crimes, crudeness, lies and lechery? We get it.

Choosing the lesser of the two evils is how we got here. It was inevitable. So that is not an option this election. It has been a limbo contest of how low can you go, and I do not presume to know which candidate has sank furthest into the mud, especially since what they say and what they do match about as accurately as the Ministry of Truth prints real news in 1984.

The way I see it, there are essentially two options this election.

  1. If you are the type to still hold voting sacred, and cannot handle giving up “your say” in government, you must vote third party, or write-in Harambe the dead gorilla. No, it is not a thrown away vote; throwing away a vote is shrugging and voting for one of the major party front runners, because as we all agree, at this point, what difference does it make? At least if you vote third party, we can take solace in the fact that the largest number of Americans ever bucked the two party system. And maybe, just maybe, Harambe will get a plurality of votes, and America will be blessed with an empty Oval Office for four years. Otherwise, Vermin Supreme is always a great choice.
  2. Or, don’t vote for President, and make it well known that you didn’t vote, and why you didn’t vote. You don’t want to be responsible for wheeling either dumpster fire into the White House. If I were to vote for President this election, I would actually be afraid that whoever I chose would get elected. Imagine being responsible for that? At least if you don’t vote your hands are clean, because you did not force one of those psychopaths on America, and indeed, the world.

Look, we need to get over this creepy obsession with voting giving us a say in government, at least at the Presidential level.

Then we can say, in a British peasant accent, well I didn’t vote for ya!

We are back at the point of taxation without representation, if we ever left it. After all, how many people actually choose the President?

A minority or citizens even vote, and a slim majority of that minority choose the President. That means the vast majority of Americans are not represented in the highest executive office, and have not given their consent to be governed.

And that is what we Americans can join together for this November: We have not given consent to be governed! And others cannot give it for us, whether founding fathers or fellow voters.

We don’t want the false choice for a “leader”. Surely one of them will “win” and will occupy the White House, but who cares? Let them play their stupid little game, and we should voice quite loudly that we do not consent.

They are going to do what they want to us anyway! But as Hillary Clinton’s wikileaked emails show, the government is terrified that although the masses are perfectly confused and distracted, they are not docile.

So sure, we are all getting black and blue deciding whose lives matter most, and maybe it isn’t quite settled if those streaming over the order are pimps or prostitutes. But at least we can all join hands in saying, we do not consent to be governed by any of our “choices” this election.

The government may do what they will, but we the people are now taking it upon ourselves to find agreement, and serve each other voluntarily.

Washington has shown their true colors with this Presidential election, central government has sunk into the swamp. But we won’t build it up again.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Let America’s Raging Election Screw You

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  2. It’s my belief … and, I think it is a rational belief … that Consent is given at the moment of Registration, rather than at the ballot box.

    As I see it, when you Register as an elector, you enter into a Contract with the State. That Contract binds you to abide by the decisions of the Collective and its representatives … irrespective of whether “your team” wins.

    So, mere abstention is meaningless. The only peaceful way to withdraw your Consent, is to refuse to Register. Done publicly, and en-masse, this could be a powerful political tool … but, that requires the very thing that does not exist; an enlightened populace.

    • That is interesting, i haven’t heard that argument but i see where you are coming from. Its like gambling, putting a dollar in the slot machine gives them consent to take your dollar almost every time, but every once in a while someone wins.

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