10 Daniel Rothschild Comments on the World

My friend Daniel Rothschild might just be the next Rothbard… but with more dirty jokes. He is studying for a doctorate in economics, and regularly posts on Facebook about government.

Although he bares the infamous Rothschild name, Daniel claims no affiliation with the shadowy rulers of Earth. Of course, that could all just be part of the plan. But that would seem like a strange strategy to attempt to end the states which you control. Anyway, the following are all Daniel Rothschild facebook quotes.You Can check out his youtube videos here.

1. Democracy is the paradoxical (and absurd) idea that people are not capable of governing themselves, but they are capable of voting on who can govern them. It seems logic requires that if you are not to be trusted to make your own decisions, you ought not to be trusted on who can make these decisions for you.

While monarchy is no picnic, at least it makes some logical sense, which is that people are not capable of governing themselves so it goes without saying they need a wise ruler to govern them and since the masses are unwise they should not get to pick this ruler since this is not a decision they are capable of deciding.

2. Ignorance of the law is a perfectly valid excuse. If the only things which were against the law were things in violation of natural law, i.e. murder, rape, theft, and fraud, then ignorance of the law is no excuse. When around only 5 things or so are illegal than ignorance of the law is no excuse. When there are 100s of thousands of laws, when there are so many laws no one knows how many laws there even are, then ignorance of the law is a perfectly valid excuse.


3. I’m not an anarchist because I trust the market (whatever that means) or because I think people are capable of governing themselves or that government is an outdated concept, but because I do not trust people with such awesome power. My anarchism is not rooted in a trust of human beings being capable of figuring things out, but rooted in a deep distrust of human beings. Human beings are, by and large, power hungry, corrupt, incompetent, drunk with power, delusional, and destructive, why is why power ought to be as dispersed as possible.

I’m not an anarchist because I have faith in humanity, but because I have no faith in humanity. I agree with many statists that people suck, the only difference is I’m aware that government is made of people and that selfish, greedy, power hungry people do not magically grow angel’s wings when they enter the political arena.


“I believe in equality.”

“I believe in diversity.”

Pick one

5. Truly self-absorbed and selfish people make the world a better place (or at least not worse) by not controlling other people. People who boss other people around do give a shit and because they do, they constantly are nosy and concerned with how other people live their lives and attempt to control them when they act in ways the politician disapproves of.

Tyrants give a shit. Those who oppress people, threaten them, and commit horrific acts of violence give a shit. “Live and let live” is just a nicer way of saying, “I don’t give a shit. I have my own life to worry about and could care less how you live yours as long as you leave me, my family, and friends in peace.”

The Left gives a shit. They give many shits. The Left is on the john daily and seem to never stop shitting. The Left are a bunch of narcissistic self-righteous people obsessed with other people’s lives. They give a shit about the environment, how much money you have, whether people are educated, how much money people have, what kind of light bulbs people use, whether they can own guns and if so which type. They give a shit whether people smoke or drink sugary beverages, how many people are allowed to get married, how much money people make, where you’re allowed to park your car, what color your home is, and even what you’re allowed to say.

People who boss you around and threaten people with violence if they disobey do so, not because they like to control other people, but because they are so convinced that they are right and know better than others what is best for them and give a shit that they boss other people around “for their own good.”

6. Respect for authority is a character flaw, not something to teach children.

7. My conversion from being a minarchist to becoming a anarchist was similar to how I changed any of the other views I’ve had, and that’s by asking questions. I became an anarchist by asking myself a series of questions. The main one that lead me to anarchy was the following:

Question: There are billions of people in the world, and at least millions of people with a different view of what government should do and the proper role of government. Why are those in government more apt to listen to the minarchists than the socialist, the communists, the social democrats, Republican, etc.? Furthermore, I understand that people act based on incentives, so while it’s all very well and good to say that government ought to be limited to police, military, and courts, is such a view realistic? What incentives do those in government have to limit themselves within the confines I want it to be limited to? What incentives to those outside of government have to check government power to make sure government doesn’t grow outside of the minarchist lines?

When I realized the answer to the above question was: Nothing. There were two options left for me to embrace. Understand that “limited” government is a chimera and untenable and become a defender of the state, no matter what size it becomes (like the average statist seems to) or become an anarchist. Since I understood that unlimited government is the worst of all possible options, I became an anarchist.


Statist: So what’s your libertarian utopia look like?

Me: Nothing, because utopia is not an option and those with the most spilled blood to their names are those who attempt to establish a utopian society, instead of accepting society warts and all. I’m not a utopian and I don’t advocate for it. I’m not arguing that there are problems to solve and solutions to solve them. I’m not a problem solver and I don’t believe in solutions.

I believe in trade offs and better alternatives, not perfection. Perfect is the enemy of the good, and I’m not trying to reform or correct anything. It’s the imperfections that make us human and all I’m saying is that your crazy ideas are both immoral and make things worse. I don’t know how to make a better society, but I do know that what you’re peddling ain’t it.

9. Anarchists who portray the state as a comic book villain, undermine liberty. The government is more incompetent, has bad ideas, and is willing to use violence to enforce then, than a bunch of people who are deliberately malevolent. That’s why I don’t like portraying the state as just a bunch of control freaks. Yes, the end result is that those in the state make laws to control you, but the motives for the most part are rooted in goodness than villainy. I suggest reading Isabel Paterson’s chapter entitled, “The Humanitarian with the Guillotine,” in her book, The God of the Machine, for a realistic description of the government.

Anarchists who simplify reality by having the world composed of heroes and villains, instead of understanding that people are complex and that the greatest harm in the world is often done in the name of the greatest and most noble of causes.

10. I’d rather suffer the consequences of my own bad choices than be the victim of someone else’s good intentions.

I wrote a book about real world, spiritual, and philosophical ways to free yourself called Never too Late to Liberate. The book won’t be available for purchase until 2017, but you can read it right now for free, just by signing up for my email list.


5 thoughts on “10 Daniel Rothschild Comments on the World

  1. These are great! I love that he has come up with new and interesting ways to say things. They are so true, but maybe haven’t been thought of quite like that before.

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