3 Ways Women Are Still Unequal (Probably Not How You Think)

No, not because women earn less than men (which really means statistically women choose different careers and life paths than men). It is more about the social standard that we unconsciously support.

First of all, why the hell in 2016 can a woman not take her shirt off in public? Are you kidding me? I went for a five mile run with just some short shorts on the other day, and did not even receive a double-take. Are we so afraid of female nipples that we actually support police arresting women if they do the exact same thing men regularly do in public? I’m not saying most women even necessarily want to take their shirts off in public, but it should be an option, as it is for men.

It also bothers me that society tends to equate nudity with sex. And lets add on the fact that many women have a perfectly good reason to have their boobs out: to feed their babies! I don’t even think they should need that excuse, since men don’t need any excuse other than the weather being nice. So if we are going to talk about equal rights, let’s stop freaking out about nipples.


Secondly, the government promotes women’s rights by claiming that women cannot fight for themselves. Hidden in the whole, “War on Women” rhetoric is the inconvenient idea that somehow woman are not capable of getting a raise or promotion on their own; they have to get someone with bigger muscles and more power to get them a raise. I think that is crap. Women are just as capable as men, and to prove that fact, I am going to ignore anyone who wants to use the government’s guns to force women and men to be equal.

Affirmative action always backfires; when people know the government is forcing companies to promote women, they assume any women in high positions did not earn it. In the long run, it makes it harder for women to gain the recognition they deserve, and robs them of all the accolades associated with earning the positions they do earn.

My Dad tells a funny story about a feminist he once had a conversation with about our patriarchal society. The woman was lamenting the fact that men are in charge of this, and men run that, and men have a stranglehold on all the power in society. “How did men get all that power?” he asked, “Who gave it to them?”

The feminist replied, “No one gave it to them, they just took it!”

“Well there’s your answer,” he replied, “Just take it back!”

Which leads me to my third point; now, suddenly, women who want to be housewives, who want to have babies and cook dinner have to explain themselves. Feminists automatically assume their is an evil male dominant plot behind any women who chooses to fit into the old “typical” woman stereotype.

You know what, if you are a women who doesn’t like to cook, can’t stand dresses, and hates bras, great, you do your thing. And if you like making your man his dinner, being the homemaker, and having the door opened for you, also great! Most women are probably somewhere in between, and shouldn’t have to worry about being judged every time they fall into a supposedly patriarchal stereotype.

This whole feminist attitude still suggests women have no control over their future and circumstances. Guess what, some women choose to be housewives, just like some men choose to be househusbands! The fact that these numbers might not line up 50/50 does not prove a societal bias.

Here’s a fact: women can get pregnant and have babies, and men cannot. And that seems to be the whole crux of what the “War on Women” crowd are angry about. It is inherently unequal that women arguably bear far more negative consequences of sex.

Life offers an innumerable amount of unequal circumstances, and it is impossible for “society” to be able to recognize each variable let alone remedy them! The only thing we can do is to treat everyone equally, because inevitably, trying to handicap some in order to help others just leads to unintended consequences that cause more inequality.

A hundred years ago the police were checking to make sure women’s bathing suits were long enough. We have come a long way, so women shouldn’t let other women ruin it all by shaming those who happen to want to fulfill a “typical” female role. We can all be equal, while acknowledging that men and women sometimes choose different career paths, and have different interests. So let’s just fix the few things left where women truly aren’t treated equally to men, and call it a day.


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