Gays, Guns, and Ganja: PorcFest 2015

I struggle at an event like PorcFest, to find a good balance of work and play. On the one hand, the attendees are the best targeted audience for my book and writings in one place. On the other hand, it is so much fun that I find it hard to drag myself away from the revelry to sell my book, and promote my blog. The good news is, I ended up doing a lot of promotion just from having fun!


Anecdotal evidence suggests that the gay community at PorcFest seems to be growing every year. And I see this as the perfect demographic for liberty. Gays have been historically persecuted by government, so it seems natural that they would want to take their protection into their own hands, and disassociate with the entity causing the inequality in society: the government.

As the country celebrated that gay marriage is now legal in every state, we sort of just laughed: “whatever”. The government didn’t create this equality of marriage, they were the ones who created the inequality! As one meme says, gays are confusing freedom with permission. Anyway, the government shouldn’t recognize anyone’s marriage. Oppressing gays equally to straight couple doesn’t exactly make the government the savior of the gays.

Flaming Freedom got crazy! Flaming Freedom is a podcast every Thursday night from 10pm-midnight hosted by Derrick J. I told him he could be the Howard Stern of the liberty movement if he wants to. The PorcFest Flaming Freedom with a live audience has been posted, and you can listen here. I was on the first segment, and gave away a free copy of Anarchy in New England to the first person to take a shot (which also required the removal of a piece of clothing, enforced by Derrick). So Jeff from San Francisco excitedly jumped to the front of the room in order to get my book. Yes, people come from far and wide for PorcFest, I met at least three people from San Francisco. And that’s about all I can discuss about that episode of Flaming Freedom without making my readers blush.

Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party was off the hook! They say it was the last year of the party, but I am hoping someone will pick it up and carry the torch. I just love seeing a bunch of extremely straight people dress ridiculously and dance the night away in solidarity with gay libertarians and anarchists. But the actual gay attendance this year was probably a record. And where else can you attend a Big Gay Dance party with a gun on your hip?!


Literally, everywhere, though that is nothing new for PorcFest. I find it interesting to note that more people die at music festivals than at this freedom festival where guns are on every other person’s hip, chest, back, or who knows where! There were also many knives, swords, and other instruments of defense. And no one got hurt, this year or the previous 11 years that the event has existed. And no one’s been victimized either.

The people that attend clearly value freedom, and by extension personal responsibility. Embedded in the desire for freedom and control over one’s own life, is the understanding that with great power comes great responsibility. Self ownership means you are responsible for your actions, no excuses, play like a champion. When the buck stops at the individual, there is no one to scapegoat.

I carried my Smith and Wesson .38 with an internal hammer, double action only. It was fun, since that’s not something I could do in Massachusetts without having the police called, despite my carry permit, and despite the fact that we shouldn’t need a permit to defend ourselves. I put it away when I started drinking, not because anything would happen, but because I am responsible, like most other PorcFest attendees.


And shrooms. And LSD. And mdma. But I didn’t see any heroin, cocaine, or other narcotics. I have always seen a clear difference between hallucinogens and heavy addictive drugs. In fact many studies are starting to suggest that magic mushrooms could have wonderful potential to cure the mind. One guy I talked to mentioned mushrooms in their capacity of helping him heal from a heroin addiction. One girl told me she does mushrooms quarterly as a mental clean up.

I just love the mixture of people, and the live and let live mentality. People who have never smoked weed in their lives did not bat an eye. Stoners who never carried a gun didn’t bat an eye. This is respecting others’ freedom. Live and let live! If someone isn’t hurting you, why try to restrict their freedom? And that is what PorcFest proves: we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Otherwise, you might just see a bunch of middle aged white guys with confederate flags and beer guts: which yes, they were there too! And no, they didn’t care that gay guys were cuddling by the nightly bonfire, and nobody else cared that someone was riding his ATV around with a confederate flag blowing in the wind.

In a free market, you aren’t shamed as a “drug dealer”. You provide a product that is in demand: marijuana. They are entrepreanuers, and the people selling weed and shrooms have more legitimate jobs than the tax men who showed up first day of PorcFest in a hilarious failure of an attempt to rob the food vendors. (They must be the new guys in the office that someone was playing a joke on… “Hey, why don’t you go try to collect taxes at PorcFest”.) In 1776, they would have been tarred and feathered, so they should consider themselves lucky.

The Future of Freedom

There were three sites in a row, the Muslim for Liberty tent, the Pagan worship tent, and the Jewish Chabad tent. My favorite Texans told me about the transition to open-mindedness in reference to each of their gay children, and then bought chocolate covered mushrooms (for, I believe, the first time). Free range children roamed the campground, without fear of creeps or danger: this voluntary community cares deeply for the welfare of each individual in the voluntary collective.

I know this movement is big, powerful, and permanent. We are going to win. I know this because we are real. It is hard to understand for people with diabolical motives, but we have none. Seriously, we just want to be left alone and live a happy and fruitful life. That is why we are going to win. We aren’t trying to change anyone, we are just trying to do what works for us. The passion, the camaraderie, the philosophy: this movement for true liberty is on a higher plane than those which work within this narrow system of government oppression, desperately trying to promote the freedoms they care about, while exerting force through government on others.

And also, we are going to win because we have more fun than everyone else. But luckily, we are not exclusive! If you value freedom; not just your own but everyone else’s, you are welcome!

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