Anarchy in New England

Have you ever asked the question, “Do we need government?” Any. At all.

We all are familiar with the debate about how much government we need, but why is it taken as a given that we need at least some government?

My fiction novel, Anarchy in New England, takes place in a world without government. How would that work? Well read the book to find out! It addresses most questions people have about how an anarchist society would function.

But what if someone attacks me, do I need an army to stay safe? How will criminals be brought to justice? What if someone tries to take over to fill the power vacuum? What would money be like, and who would issue it? Would business run amok without regulation?

I’ve blogged about all these things before, and explained why I believe the free market would satisfy all the needs government currently takes care of, but better, and with lower costs. Oh right, and force would not be required to get things done.

The society would be built on the idea that it is never okay to steal, beat, or murder, even if you call yourself the government. But let’s be real, it isn’t that fun exploring an anarchist world in theory, analyzing the economics, and discussing the philosophy. So I created an anarchist world, 100 years in the future.

After society collapses in the 2020’s, New England is the first to rebound years later, and private enterprise outcompetes government for the products and services. It is a simulation of how such a society would function. And what might go wrong. Suppose someone, with lots of guns and power, does try to take over. What then? How might this unfold? Well you’ll just have to read Anarchy in New England to find out.

Anarchy in New England is currently available on Amazon in paperback.

Anarchy in New England is currently available to buy using Bitcoin.

Anarchy in New England is also available to in e-book form.

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