Outrage Over Pizza Guy Tip Demonstrates Free Market Power

All over the internet people are posting about the pizza guy from West Roxbury MA who got screwed out of a tip by some jerk used car sales people at F and R Auto. I’ll summarize if you don’t feel like watching the video:

The F and R Auto used car salesmen decided to order a pizza. I think I read it cost $43, and they gave the delivery man two twenties and two fives. They did not ask for change. Once the delivery man left, the workers called the pizza place, complained that the delivery man did not give them their change, and insisted he return to do so.

The manager of the pizza place apologized (the customer always being “right”) and sent the delivery man back to return the change. In quite a polite way, especially considering the auto sales workers’ attitudes, the delivery man said, “I just don’t understand why you would give me an extra bill”, referencing the extra five, when two twenties and one five would have covered the cost of the pizza. He also noted that he had to spend resources to drive back there (pizza delivery is not the highest paying job, so that does matter).

This angered the used car salesmen, who told the delivery man, “Don’t make your manager apologize twice for you” adding some F-bombs in there, and a female wench of a co-worker added, “I’ll stick my boot up your ass” and made some rude gestures after he left. The pizza man remarked sarcastically, “It’s ok, all is righted in the world, you have your $7 back”, and he left. When he left another fat loser said something about calling the manager and owner because he wanted the delivery man fired. End of story, until the video of the exchange somehow ended up online (perhaps the used car salesmen were dumb enough to think people would consider their childish antics funny?).

Anyway, the inhabitants of the internet were pissed. F and R Auto didn’t have great reviews before this event, but now the reviews on yelp are just downright entertaining. Their website appears to be offline. Yesterday I called and got two busy signals, and on the third call, it rang and rang without an answer. Today all I got were busy signals. I wanted to ask for some comment, see if the workers involved had been disciplined, and ask how business was since the video surfaced.

I am not sure F and R Auto will survive, but they have undoubtedly taken a hit to profits. This is a great example of free market pressure, punishing a business for treating someone like dirt. All it took was one rude exchange with a delivery man, and the business has been bombarded by negative press, and decent people angry that they would treat a polite delivery man in such a way.

The power of the consumer is amazing. But consider if this hadn’t been a used car dealership, but instead a government agency. The workers would still be getting paid. The agency would certainly not cease to exist. Maybe there would be some apologies, and some talk of reform, and some talk of hiring standards. But nothing would happen, nothing would change, and the people involved would continue to talk down to service sector workers whom they deem lesser than themselves.

We have no options when it comes to holding government accountable, yet all the power when it comes to holding business accountable. We can voluntary de-fund a private enterprise by not shopping there. If we attempt to de-fund the government, we will be arrested for tax evasion.

It seems pretty obvious which system works better for delivering consumers with the products and services they need, in the quality desired. And not only do we demand to be treated fairly as a customer, but we go to bat for our fellow man in demanding that the businesses that survive will not treat anyone in the way these workers treated that pizza guy.

3 thoughts on “Outrage Over Pizza Guy Tip Demonstrates Free Market Power

  1. Not only would it be interesting to see what happened with the salesmen, it would be interesting to see if the pizza guy has reaped any benefits from being the object of their abuse, i.e.: people sending him tips. I’ve heard of things like that happening.

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