NYC Police Show No Respect for Authority

Police in New York City apparently have no respect for “legitimate” authority, as there has been a 94% drop in traffic and parking tickets issued, since Mayor De Blasio showed some support for protests against police brutality.

The police officers were even classy enough to use one of the slain NYC police officer‘s funeral as a platform for protest, turning their backs on the Mayor as he delivered a eulogy.

“Just no respect for the mayor. Nothing else to say,” one officer commented. And seeing as this man has no respect for authority, I assume he just wants to break the law. This officer must wish there was no mayor so that he could break the rules the mayor’s office currently sets for police officers. If the officer simply followed the rules, he would not run into trouble with the mayor and other politicians, who are just trying to do their jobs.

See what I did there? When civilians protest the unjust actions of police, they are labelled law breakers and trouble makers by police. But when Police disagree with their rule makers and enforcers, well this is just a legitimate qualm!

But I thank the NYC police officers for proving a very important point. The police are only there to keep us safe when their tax collection has been accomplished. They are well aware of this, which is why their protest has taken the form of denying the City of New York revenue generally collected by the police.

By showing some support for protesters, Mayor De Blasio has found himself on the wrong side of the thin blue line, and is being punished by the police. Just like protesters who film police in an attempt to keep them accountable for their actions are arrested, beat and harassed by some officers. You cannot criticize the actions of even a handful of officers, because according to the police, this means you are ungrateful, and probably just want to break the law.

And the rest of us are sitting back here a little confused like, wait, we got what we wanted? Why did the police cut down on arresting people for victimless crimes and stop giving out revenue generating tickets? Only once you realize their real role do you understand: they are punishing the mayor by denying him revenue for the city that the officers usually extort from the people of New York.

It is great when there is some infighting amongst the organized crime syndicate called government. Takes the pressure off the peasants for a while. I certainly wonder how it will turn out: I am sure De Blasio wants to get his hands back on the peoples’ wallets, and I am sure the police want to keep acting like a gang without being criticized by their superiors.

If you resist an officer even when you have done nothing wrong, many will use this as an excuse to beat, arrest, and possibly even murder you. So would it not be fitting that since these officers are resisting their boss, they should be fired?

Or perhaps the NYC police are really just thugs who always want it their way, whether their way is right or wrong. They will claim they are just following orders, but then they will attempt to strong arm their boss into changing the orders.

Well it seems if they have that much control, couldn’t they simply not arrest people for law violations they disagree with? I think the NYC cops have tipped their hand. They like harassing people, and will only give De Blasio what he wants, if they get what they want: free reign over the city of New York.

6 thoughts on “NYC Police Show No Respect for Authority

  1. Well said! Are people committing “crimes” or is it just a revenue center? When I first heard the fact that there are more traffic tickets issued at the end of the month (years ago when I was naive) to meet quotas I was truly appalled! I honestly believed they pulled people over because they were a danger. It’s disgusting how the law has been abused by the very people designated to uphold it. With that said, I still believe in the rule of law (in it’s true sense). There will always be people who abuse any scenario and it’s the best response that’s ever been tried for people to live together as a community which is the natural state of humanity. I recently read an interesting book called The Rule of Nobody by Philip K. Howard. His solutions were questionable but the premise was very interesting.

    • Absolutely, I just feel like the incentives for the right people to make and enforce the law are currently 180 degrees from where they need to be. Voting does not seem like it gives me control over the laws that apply to me, and dangerous people currently enforce those laws. We need to truly be in control of laws. In my ancap scenario, we would patronize the companys whose law we want, and make sure they don’t hire corrupt people to enforce them. Kind of like how I now use a different oil company because the old one pissed me off.

  2. Your ancap philosophy is a start, not a way of life in my opinion. Inevitably people within the society will group together and form some sort of “law” beyond the market because there will always be the cheaters, the power hungry and the plain old psychopaths. It’s human nature.
    I feel it’s best to have the group understand basically what is expected so that they can freely buy and sell amongst each other (without Draconian rules inhibiting their every move). If you traveled to the most remote areas of the earth this happens without any outside influence. It’s human nature. If everyone in the society has some basic idea of what is expected most people will default towards the middle to stay within the confines of the society.
    I couldn’t agree more that the trajectory we are on is absolutely out of control in so many ways but most of the problems stem from the massive central government at the heart of it all. Local government including police and courts, just like some dictatorships around the world, appear to have more influence and power than they would have without being given handouts and passes from DC. The central government is the problem, not basic rule of law. And it is natural and normal to have “laws” so it’s inevitable anyway in my opinion.

    • I agree, i think it is very bad, and a deviation from western philosophy, to have a top down government where the smaller governments attain power from the larger. Our history trended towards individual liberty because of the opposite set up, where the kings had to please the lords and the lords had to please the peasants in order to attain and keep their power.

      But i still don’t think we need government in order for the rule of law to exist. You said it best, “If everyone in the society has some basic idea of what is expected most people will default towards the middle to stay within the confines of the society.” I agree with this, which is why i don’t think we need government in order for it to happen.

      • The point I’m trying to make is that whether we want or need a government they have a way of creating themselves out of thin air. There is not a single society in the world ever that has had zero government. If a group of rational logic law abiding citizens don’t create a basic rule of law the vacuum that is left will eventually be filled. It can’t just be decided that “we aren’t going to have any government”. If a group tried it, someone always comes along and create “a government” that in most cases in history when this experiment has been tried the government is far more nefarious than the simple rule of law created by peace loving individuals. There are plutocracies, kleptocracies, ochlocracies and the list goes on and on….in my opinion, normal citizens are leaving themselves open to any form of these crazy systems if they don’t set up a basic governmental system of law. And with a basic set of laws, the citizens have more control over reigning in the system over the course of time as it grows and distorts itself into the type of disaster we have today. I think government is like foliage. It starts small and without proper tending can soon become a wild forest. But we still need plants. We just have to endlessly keep them under control.

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