Vigilant Vote is Now

Don’t worry, nothing will be any different, except for the title of the blog. There might be some trouble with old links that I am working to update (but it if you are brought to you could just replace “” with “” and it should work). Anyway I will still be posting a few times a week about politics, society, and peacefully resisting state coercion.

I picked the name Vigilant Vote when I still thought voting was the best way to change society for the better, and that all we had to do to vote for the right person was to be vigilant over government. But I realized over time (assisted by blogging, reading, researching and writing almost everyday) people who favor slightly less coercion (or coercion for different ends) will not improve our society.

While civilization is built on a foundation that says coercion is okay as long as it is labelled government, we will not significantly improve society for the long run. I wrote a post redefining the purpose and mission of Vigilant Vote, describing how vigilance is something we will always need. Even without government we will always need to be vigilant over business. Then with the knowledge from that vigilance, we can “vote” or spend properly.

But right now there are no incentives to make the government work for us, and “democracy” has long proven to simply allow the majority to force its will on the minority. In a world of free markets however, competition will lead to better business, in a similar way that competition between states for a long time led to better governments. But as the federal government gained power and the states lost control, this trend reversed and improvement waned.

Now I fear we are reaching a point where government will handicap further advancement of society, as it undoubtedly already has by wasting the products of American labor in myriad ways.

So stay tuned, and please share, like, and comment! Together we can promote of true liberty, and free people from the unjust force of the state.

4 thoughts on “Vigilant Vote is Now

  1. Hey Joe, I just want to say I admire you very much. Writing most everyday! Wow! I want to be more like you when I grow up. 🙂 I really enjoy hearing of others political evolution process. I really think you are doing a great job with your open, non condemning attitude. Have you considered self publishing? Do you know Darryl Perry? He is in the FSP and if I remember correctly he is doing some publishing. Keep up the good work my friend!

    • Thank you so much Amy! I am sure you will be able to be whatever you want when you grow up! 😛 I had heard that some FSPers were into publishing. I wonder if he will be at the Liberty Forum? I do want to go in the direction of books. In fact I am in the final stages of editing my first fiction book. My next step was to look into publishers, most likely smaller ones that do not require an agent.

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