Government is Incompatible with Peace and Equality

It is ironic that some people who claim to hold peace and equality as the ultimate goal for human civilization think they can get there by using the government. How brainwashed must people be to believe government could create peace or equality? Government, by its very nature, is incompatible with both.

This is because the defining characteristic of government is that it does not compete, it monopolizes. It does not earn, it takes. The government cannot be funded except by stealing money at the point of a gun AKA violence. And if you resist, it gets even more violent. Peace cannot be created through violent aggression. There will be no peace until initiating force stops. And if there is no initiation of force, there is no government as currently defined.

And it is even more absurd to think equality could be created by an institution that depends on inequality to exist. Someone who takes my money by force is not my equal. Someone who can invade my home without provocation, permission, or punishment is not my equal. We literally vote for people to be in charge of us, or we don’t vote, and people are still in charge of us. People wielding the power and violence of government could never be considered equal to the people they control. Again, if there is a political class, if there is a government, there cannot be equality.

This is simple logic. Peace and Equality are incompatible with government.

While government exists, peace cannot.

While government exists, equality cannot.


5 thoughts on “Government is Incompatible with Peace and Equality

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