Kids Know the Truth

True story. A friend of mine works with elementary school kids. My friend asked the children, “You’ve heard of the government, but can anyone tell me just what exactly government is?”

One rambunctious youngster raised his hand eagerly and answered.

“Mean people who take your money!”

The best part is that my friend told the student he was right!

Figured that was funny enough to share.

Happy Monday.

6 thoughts on “Kids Know the Truth

  1. This is why they’re trying so hard to implement common core teaching practices, and fill the kids full of GMO’s, they are intentionally trying to dumb the children down, so they’re unable to do critical thinking, and just walk around like zombies staring at their phones.

    • Yep, at least in the suburbs there is still some sanity in public schools, but I am more and more convinced the entire dynamic, from desks to teachers to principals is to teach one thing: OBEY.

  2. That’s awesome. One step at a time. Ever notice the more “political” people get, the more people say “shhh”. Maybe we should listen to the innocents more

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