“Under the Gun”: Allowing Discrimination vs. Liking Discrimination

This week on “Under the Gun” we talk about the difference between what a libertarian society would allow, and what a libertarian person would like. I can hear something I disagree with, and still support a person’s right to say it. If a store wants to discriminate against me and say I can’t carry a gun in their store, they have the right to do it! I simply will not give them my business. In a free market, this would not be a problem.

Gun owners are already discriminated against by the government. So why are people okay with discrimination when the government prescribes it? Since the government can use force without consequences, there is no alternative if they discriminate against you. Yet any store that discriminates will simply lose their customers who choose to shop elsewhere.

And that leads us into our discussion about victimless crimes.

Also mentioned:

“Operation Mockingbird”

Taxes and Regulations leading to worse effects.

Targeting specific groups with government agencies.

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.

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