It Can Happen Here, it Has Happened Here

I’m always surprised that it is controversial to say you can’t trust the government. Even forgetting all foreign and historical government atrocities, we have countless examples of the America government acting in a way that violates human rights. It was not too long ago—72 years—that Americans of Japanese ancestry were taken by force from their homes, without cause, and placed in concentration camps by the United States government.

japaneseAnd that is why the NDAA should be so concerning to us. The NDAA is still approved and authorizes the government to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens on American soil without charges. With a precedent such as Japanese internment which people still alive remember and experienced, should it not concern us that something like that, or worse, could happen again? And it is further disconcerting that the machinery to make large scale oppression a reality is available, and being tested.

fergI’m not so sure the Constitution can protect our rights, so much as remind us of them. So when some of those natural rights are literally written into our system of government, and then ignored by our government, that should be the final straw for a free people to wake up and say, we are not going to take this anymore.

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