Police LOSE Military Weapons Provided by Pentagon


Gun control advocates seem to want only police and military to have weapons. I’ve discussed at length why this is stupid in and of itself, but there is another reason I may have glossed over. Criminals often get their guns from police departments, whether they are stolen, or sold on the black market by corrupt cops. Because there is nothing about becoming a police officer that makes one magically immune to corruption and engaging in illegal activity; people seem to forget this.

But it is even worse than criminals getting their hands on cops’ revolvers or 9mm. You may recall that we have a pentagon who enjoys handing out military weapons to police departments to the tune of $4.3 billion since 1990, and “184 state and local police departments have been suspended from the Pentagon’s “1033 program” for missing weapons or failure to comply with other guidelines.”

There are two missing military grade humvees. Let that sink in… not quite something you misplace. There are 4 missing M14s from Meridian, Mississippi alone; the M14 is an assault rifle, not to be confused with the made-up term based on cosmetic features, assault weapon. An assault rifle is military grade, and can be fully automatic. Some other samplings:

The Stockton Police Department, in northern California, said it was suspended from the Pentagon program in October after losing two M16s. And the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office, also in northern California, acknowledged it was suspended from the program after reporting a missing M14 and two M15s.

numerous missing weapons from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, mostly .45-caliber pistols and one rifle. It “would take some time to get actual numbers but I think it was 11 or 12,” he said.

Other departments only lost one or two guns, such as a missing M16 in Huntington Beach CA, and 2 missing .45’s at a Georgia PD. There are multiple departments under investigation for which we do not yet know the reason or number of weapons lost.

So who are the ones we can’t trust with guns? Who are the irresponsible gun owners here? Should I really trust the safety of myself and my family with people who routinely lose weapons that I am not even allowed to own? Because of these incompetent (at best, possibly corrupt) police departments I could have a criminal break into my home with a fully automatic machine gun, with a humvee getaway car, while the law only allows me to protect myself with semi-autos, and in some instances, a limited magazine with only 10 bullets.

I do a lot of criticizing… mostly because the government deserves more criticism than it gets. So what do I propose to keep people safe if we are ever lucky enough to move beyond the mafia style protection that we currently get. (If you’re confused why I call it mafia style protection, it is because the same police that “protect” us will come and arrest you at gunpoint if you do not pay for that protection, as in, taxes.) Here is one solution, and would you believe, the free market came up with it? How they ever managed to organize enough without the government is beyond me…

But anyway, there is now an app for smart phones called Peacekeeper, and what it does is connect you with people of your choosing who also have the app. It is geared towards neighbors and family that are close-by, because in the event of an emergency, instead of calling 911, you simply press the app, and it alerts your chosen circle. The need for this app is based on response times from police that do not adequately protect homeowners and other victims. And for once I’m not even blaming the police for this, it’s the bureaucracy as well as physics. A ten minute response time gets the police to the site of a crime approximately 8.5 minutes after they are needed, and in cities this time gets much worse. People in dangerous cities have waited an hour to a day for a police response to an emergency!

People are increasingly reliant on a failed system of state-centered security. We’ve set out to change that.

Peacekeeper aims to put you and your friends and neighbors back in charge of your own security. With our app, you can create your own ‘Tribe’ of family, friends, and neighbors who look out for each other and respond to cries for help. If your elderly neighbor falls and breaks her hip, she can use Peacekeeper to let everyone in her Tribe know; and one of you can take her to the hospital. If your friend’s being robbed, he can alert you on Peacekeeper so both of you can take action together to help.

We will all be safer if we take our security into our own hands, instead of relying on disinterested 3rd parties, who cannot be as useful, even when they actually do care. Of course, this response of friends and neighbors means the right to be armed with whatever one might want is even more important. But hey, if the police are handing out fully auto machine guns to who-the-hell-knows-who, then I want one too! But I’m willing to pay for mine, instead of stealing it from the taxpayers.

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