Political Cartoon: First Amendment Zone

I hope my lack of drawing skill (or patience) does not take away from the message here. If you only have the right to free speech and freedom of press in certain areas, then it is not a right. We see this at every protest; I have been confined to a First Amendment zone, back in 2012 outside of the Republican National Convention where I literally could have faced prison time if I had walked around a fence onto a sidewalk, still 3 blocks away from the convention center, on public roads! And now police are arresting and tear gassing journalists to try to suppress the news, lest the public learn of their radical militarization.


Kind of like how my right to protect myself with a gun stops at my state line… which means I do not have a right to self defense if I am in the wrong spot. My right to protect myself is contingent on my location, and who is aggressing against me.

And if my Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure can be “suspended in an emergency”… well then those don’t exist either. And if the NDAA says I can be detained indefinitely against my will on American soil if I am “suspected of terrorism”, where did my Fifth Amendment right go?

These are natural rights which were simply written in text in the Bill of Rights, which is violated every single day. So what good was the piece of paper written by a government, telling the government where the limits lie? It has been ineffective, so the next step is to practice our natural rights every single second of everyday, which means no one can tax us, or conscript us, or enter our homes to take our money, or to kidnap us when we have committed no aggression against another.

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