Defender of Murderous NYC Police Complains: No One Respects Cops

resisting arrestI’ve said similar things in the past, how can you get arrested with the only charge being resisting arrest? It means they are arresting you for nothing. It is the clearest case of the police being the aggressors, breaking the non-agression principle and then using your rightful reaction of resisting kidnapping as an excuse for why you should have been kidnapped in the first place.

And yet, just this week, the commissar of the New York City Police Union had the nerve to complain that people do not respect cops, and suggested civilians get what they deserve when they resist arrest.

“There is an attitude on our streets today that it is acceptable to resist arrest,” lamented Lynch. “That attitude is a direct result of a lack of respect for law enforcement.”

While the NYC cops continue to brutalize and murder people, this spokesman actually tries to act like the police are the victims! If only we respected them, they would stop beating us. Doesn’t that sound like an abusive relationship to you? They blame the victim. And the obvious question to everyone not thoroughly indoctrinated is, why the hell would I respect someone who makes his money from stolen tax dollars, and who uses the excuses “I’m just following orders” and “I want to get home at night” to justify their immoral actions that would be considered illegal if anyone not wearing a badge did the same?

In fact there is case law from the Supreme Court in 1900 that says if an unlawful arrest is taking place, the person being arrested indeed has the right to resist arrest, and in the case at hand, he even shot the arresting officer dead. This is because no warrant was issued for the arrest, and the police who were “just following orders” from their Chief, had no right to initiate force against the man. Indiana recently adopted a similar law that clarifies this: if a police officer enters your house or aggresses on you without a warrant, he is like any other person violating your rights, and you may therefore respond the same as you would to any other intruder.

So instead of blaming the victim, the clear course of action to keep police officers safe, as the spokesman claims is his prerogative, would be to punish officers who harass innocent people, and initiate arrests against innocent people, with trumped up charges based on video recording, or insulting language (not a crime) towards the officer, or with the only charge being resisting arrest, proving there was nothing to be arrested for in the first place. Stop defending bad cops, and maybe you won’t all get grouped into the bad cop mantra. Stand up and punish bad cops, and take a stand against police brutality, and perhaps some respect for police will return, when it is deserved. And don’t expect this to happen quickly: police have earned their reputation as lawless thugs, and trust, once broken, is nearly impossible to repair.

So until then follow this advice on how to talk to police: Don’t.

dont talk to police

And at this point, I would extend this concept to off duty police officers who do not stand up against the disgusting actions of their “brothers in arms”. Shun police officers, in public, at social gatherings, and wherever else you meet them. If they want to feel above the law, then let them be alone in their elevated caste. Respect is earned, not taken by force. Until police start respecting civilians, there is no reason to have respect for police as a whole. Respect the individual officers who stand up against their out of control compatriots. But if they are just following orders, just want to get home at night, just doing their job, or just watching as people’s rights are violated, how are they any better than the aggressor?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” –(probably) Edmund Burke

7 thoughts on “Defender of Murderous NYC Police Complains: No One Respects Cops

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. The situation in Missouri that just erupted, in my opinion, is based on a cop stepping over the line. An 18 year old, Walking down the street? Dead?
    I’ve never been arrested in my life (nor should I’ve been) but just by standing up for my rights quietly I’ve had cops that are “really irritated” with me knowing my rights and it would’ve been much easier to say “ok officer” but I haven’t. Why? Why would I? Because they have the badge so they are suddenly not a fellow citizen?
    I’ve always been disturbed by this premise

    • Exactly, I’m glad to hear you still exercise your rights when it would be easier to just follow the cop’s demands. It is aggravating that police seem to get mad at people just because they won’t comply with unlawful orders. But then again, there are certain types of people that tend to become police…

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