Adding Insult to Injury: Government Wastes our Money, and then Wastes our Time

In the same way the government wastes our resources and wealth, it also wastes our time. Yes, time is part of the waste from taking our wealth through taxation, and wasting our labor through regulation, but I am talking about down time. We spend our free time debating which politician will ruin our lives less. We bitterly divide ourselves between the desire to have our tax dollars redistributed to “the poor” or redistributed to the military industries, in each case the politicians skimming off more than a little for themselves and their cronies.

So what if we didn’t have to waste our time debating about who to elect our next Slave-Master in Chief? Many of our peers really do behave like captors with stockholm syndrome, falling in love with those who hold the key to our shackles. And then we blame the victim, “Well if he didn’t want to get beat he shouldn’t have smoked weed, or talked back to a cop”, which sounds an awful lot like, “I deserved to get punched, I burned dinner, and he really just loves me and wants me to be a better wife”.

We try tirelessly to convince other slaves that our slave-master, and our plantation is better than theirs. “My slave master takes care of everything I need!” says one from the Blue plantation; “My save master is only a limited master”, says the Red plantation inhabitant, “You barely even notice him… well until he delivers the whippings… But only to the people who deserve it! And he stops slaves from worse farms sneaking onto ours to take some of the scraps he throws us from the food we produced and picked”.

So what if we talked about things that actually matter? Instead of fruitlessly debating politics, what if we talked about what is happening at Market Basket? This would be an appropriate discussion for a free people, deciding if the market should support a business. The employees are angry that the board, controlled by a bitter relative of the CEO, fired said CEO who kept wages high, and prices low. I personally love a good boycott, it shows how effective market forces are. The empty shelves of Market Basket and dozens of protesting employees outside each store are a testament to this.

The market is so effective that we can even influence non-market systems with it. Why do you think small town police departments are generally less oppressive than big city coppers? People in the small town often will not accept a brutal police presence. They can work through the selectmen to fire the chief if the chief doesn’t keep his men in line, and can fire the selectmen if they don’t keep the chief in line. It is a roundabout method, one that would be easier in a private business: “Oh, you’re a cop who likes to beat people up and murder their pet dogs? You’re fired, because you reflect poorly on this business, pose a liability for us, and put your coworkers in danger.”

And in a free society we would be discussing which “police department” does the best job for the lowest price. We would be discussing whether fire coverage was worth it, what price you pay for your road subscriptions, and if their is a safe airport to use that doesn’t feel you up each time you fly. As it stands, we complain and protest, rightfully so, yet nothing changes!

This gets back to the manufactured divide. If there are two choices, it is easy to exploit that and pit one side against the other, stalemating the two. If there are a thousand choices, it becomes like the proverbially Dutch boy trying to plug the dike with his fingers, and the water just shoots out in another spot. Market forces will rise to demand, demand for true protectors, not roided out thugs posing as public servants. We would demand a solution to refugees pouring over the border running from worse slave masters than our own, and we wouldn’t be forced into one of two terrible solutions—either having our money stolen to pay for immigrants to stay on the dole (unethical because forced charity is not charity), or having our money stolen to pay for immigrants to be kicked or kept out (unethical because these are people in need).

It adds insult to injury that we waste our time debating these things, when our money has already been confiscated and wasted. We make excuses for why one robbery by the oppressors was a better use of our stolen cash than another. What we should be doing is debating about how best to solve problems, and acting on that. The market makes that easy, withhold your dollar from a business, or spend it there, depending on the desired outcome. And if other people want to fund something you disagree with, you won’t be forced to chip in. You can even fund the opposing business or organization, and not waste your time debating about who should be forced to do what.

Its time we move to a post political world where we can achieve true progress by not having 50% or more of our wealth stolen and at best burned, at worst used against us. With modern technology and communication we no longer need an entity that has control over a particular geographic area, and a monopoly on using force in that area. We need competing businesses to sort out problems; the market is what people think of when they say they support democracy. Democracy is a farce.

By joining the us against them debate we play into the 2 pronged solution narrative. There are countless solutions, and people will organize themselves to make a better world in a far greater capacity than the government ever could by force. Joining a collective on one side of the isle or the other undermines market forces, and betrays individualist ideals; not that each person can do everything he needs all alone, but that he is quite capable of finding and making mutually beneficial agreements with the people he sees as positive in his life.

This earth needs 7 billion plus autonomous nations called people, solving their own problems, and solving others’ problems for a profit, whether that profit be monetary or spiritual.

3 thoughts on “Adding Insult to Injury: Government Wastes our Money, and then Wastes our Time

  1. “We need competing businesses to sort out problems; the market is what people think of when they say they support democracy.” Yes, this is key. I think for most people, the ideas are right, but their words are wrong. Part of deprogramming is learning correct language.

    • Yes because I don’t think people ever much consider whether force has a place. In democracy, 51% can use force on any minority. And in the market you’re never gonna get 51% because of the number of options, and even if you did, there would be no structure to use force. Problems are solved by people engaging those issues, not pretending to engage by voting, and then allowing whoever they voted for to make the rules (which they don’t even know about). As the old saying goes, Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner, liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote. We could change it to say the market is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.

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