Oh, You Think You Have a Choice Now?

ice cream

I don’t think people realize how awesome the market is. And it is not some scary force you have no control over, we are the market! If you participate in the economy, you participate in the market, you have a voice, a say, and the only thing that can take away your voice is force… force which cannot be used by businesses without consequences, and must be bought from the government.

Because as much as they like to pretend, you are not a part of the government. Even if you work for the government, you have less control over its policies and directions than a consumer spending their money has over the market. Oh voting makes you a part of the government? You get to decide if everyone eats chocolate, or everyone eats vanilla. But being a part of the market means someone will make just the right kind of ice cream that YOU want, with the right toppings, and in the right kind of cone or cup.

Government takes away choice. The market supplies a demand. I have more faith in the one we can control, and its the same one that can’t control us.

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