Rand Paul is So Crazy, He Wants to Stop Perpetual Warfare

rand-paulSo let’s see, John McCain has some foreign policy criticisms for Rand Paul? Well Rand must be doing something right. Dick Cheney thinks Paul doesn’t understand the true threat of terrorism, adding “You’ve got folks who simply don’t want to be bothered, and it’s been a long time since 9/11,”. If only the electorate was still whipped into a scared frenzy over terrorism, then they would elect the right people.

It’s actually insane to me that Dick Cheney still speaks publicly. Is this some kind of reverse psychology strategy, because the guy must know people think he’s a villain. I just don’t get how people can keep trying the same ridiculous strategy overseas, and then have the nerve to call Rand Paul crazy when he suggests we don’t engage in endless 1984 style wars. This is not a conspiracy, the military industrial complex are welfare recipients, and will do what they have to in order to keep the cash flowing.

But somehow people believe that we need to keep fighting wars in, say, Iraq in order to keep America safe. Even as hundreds or thousands of people pour over the border every day without being checked out, putting our men and women in uniform thousands of miles away to kill terrorists is going to make us safer? How about leaving that stolen and squandered tax money in the hands of the people, because I know how to provide for my security better than my government. At least I’ll be able to choose which company is most effective, and it wouldn’t be the one charging 10x more so that they can bust down Iraqi doors until the cows come home.

It is the same as any other insane government expenditure; first it goes through the corruption machine. We have all these middlemen in DC that cannot possibly add value to our transactions, they can only siphon off wealth. They do it when it comes to providing welfare and a “safety net”, they steal from us when backing green energy, and they use funds taken by force to harass with law enforcement the same people who funded them at gunpoint. A thousand injuries we bear from our government.

The military is no different, it still wastes our wealth and delivers a sub-par product. Then the money spent on building tanks instead of being invested gets aimed at us in the form of a cannon when our local police chief gets his hands on an “urban assault vehicle”, because my friends who value ending slavery are that dangerous to the rulers.

“It’s not isolationism. It’s setting a high bar for sending our sons and daughters overseas,” said Lorne Craner, a foreign policy adviser to Paul…

Trade is not isolationist, yet how do you trade with a country that has been reduced to rubble? Growing economies is what will make the world safer, if everyone’s life is good enough so that they don’t want to murder people they never met. Right now, America is ensuring a steady stream of terrorists for years to come, by giving plenty of little boys and girls a faceless, foreign enemy to grow up hating. The enemy whose boots have literally and figuratively been on their faces for decades.

Craner, however, argued that Paul’s views are more in line with Americans who are growing increasingly distrustful after the experiences of the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and want a clearer sense of the objectives of future military actions and how they’re going to end.

And let’s not separate this from other reasons to be distrustful of our government. The same scumbags who are in charge of the IRS, DHS, EPA, FDA, and NSA are in charge of our military. The orders about auditing TEA Partiers are issued by the same person who orders drone strikes on countries we are not at war with.

The same “government will save us” philosophy that allows the EPA to trespass on our property and claim control of our water also says the U.S. can “help” Iraq, or “improve” Syria, or at least that screwing over people overseas will make third parties (us) safer. Sort of like how pro-gun folks are harassed by the government for the sake of the children. But as pro-gunners, we know it doesn’t make our children any safer to outlaw guns. That same attitude needs to be transcribed to everything the government does.

The take away is that Rand Paul can only improve things for the country by advocating a deescalation of force overseas. The example set at home is likewise a deescalation of force, and the fewer tanks the USA builds, the fewer tanks they will end up selling to your local police department who considers you a terrorist. The military has been a third rail for conservatives for a while, but it is time we treat military issues the same as any other statist, big government, safety net, welfare addled, cronyist, corrupt power orgy it is.

Whenever we get the chance to vote with our dollars instead of with politicians, I suggest we take it. If we want to keep more wealth in this nation, then at least Rand Paul is more consistent than many Republicans. Because a tax cut isn’t really a tax cut if we are still spending the money. Set the example for what a small government really looks like militarily, and there’s a good chance the rest will follow. It is not as scary as it sounds. True threats will be solved with a free market, so we cannot advocate monopolizing force militarily, at the same time we seek to combat aggressive force at home from our police, and regulatory agencies. If you have faith in anything, have faith in market solutions—you and me.

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