“Under the Gun” The Declaration of Independence, PorcFest Review, and Anarchy

Here’s the “Under the Gun” clip where I discuss PorcFest with host Harry. The clip appears to be cut so that some lady running for a political position is heard at the beginning of the clip from the last show telling you to vote for her… a bit ironic since we then talk about not really needing government.

I mention my new non-political blog, JoeJarvisExplainsItAll.com, and we discuss the Declaration of Independence, and which grievances sound similar to ones we have today. While talking about Porcupine Freedom Festival we give a little review of Anarchy, and how its not as scary as it sounds. To some extent, people need to go back to a philosophical base, think about the definition of slavery, and consider to what extent anyone ruled by a government is still a slave.


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