Rule Followers Always Seem to Get Screwed

I remember enjoying playing on the rocks when I was little, I think it was at the beach, I can’t remember specifically. But then one day I went back and there were big signs everywhere that you can’t play on the rocks. Until 2 years ago I would love going to a rope swing at a local lake. It was a good one too, swung nice and high, with a couple different platforms to jump off of. The cops cut the rope down a couple times, but people always got it back up. But then last year when I went back, the entire tree was cut down by chainsaw and just left laying in the water.

Where I went to school eighth graders would always go on a weekend field trip to DC. The year I was in eighth grade, the DC sniper was running around shooting people, and even though he had been caught by the time the trip would have taken place, it was cancelled. Seniors at my old high school would go on trips to Disney, but someone a few years older than me went streaking and got caught, so they cancelled those trips, at least until after my class had graduated. Why does it always feel like we go through life being punished for other people’s mistakes?

I’m so sick of having to suffer the consequences of other people’s stupid actions. It seems like the rules are always set up so that good people have to jump through hoops, and the people the rules are aimed at just ignore them. My friend from Brazil had a visiting visa to America. He would periodically stay 6 months here with his uncle who gained citizenship, and then go back to Brazil. Yesterday he arrived back in America, but customs agents denied him entry and cancelled his visa. They said anyone staying 6 months in America must be working, and his visa was only good for visiting.

So the rules are that with a visiting visa you can stay 6 months, but if you stay 6 months, they will accuse you of violating the visa without any evidence. And why is he not in America today? Because he followed the rules. Because in February when his 6 months were up, he went back to Brazil like he was supposed to. Because he didn’t sneak into the country with a fake social security number and forged papers, he now must remain in Brazil. Looking back, he should have just stayed when his visa ran out in February and he would still be here. But he didn’t because if he overstayed his visa and then went back to Brazil, he would not have been allowed back into America. Well he followed the rules and still got screwed over while millions remain here illegally.

And after this past weekend, let’s just wait for the next push for gun control, to make laws that politicians pretend will stop criminals, but only effect innocent people. If a legal gun owner was in the deli or on the street where that psycho from California started shooting, he could have shot back and saved lives (you know, like the cops did when they finally caught up to him). But California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation that somehow failed to stop a psycho previously flagged by family members and already on the police’s radar. So now when there seems to be a shooting epidemic, we’ll hear calls to ban the lawful purchase of guns. There’s also a heroin epidemic; we should just ban heroin and apparently the problem will go away… oh, wait. With incidents like these innocent people need guns more than ever to protect themselves when yet another spoiled entitled brat on prescription drugs decides to start shooting.

So this is my rant for today. Not my usual style of writing but I obviously had some venting to do. Keep following the rules kids!

6 thoughts on “Rule Followers Always Seem to Get Screwed

  1. It cost me several thousand dollars to jump through the bureaucratic hoops the USCIS laid out for me in order to gain permanent residency to the US. Frustrates me how I follow the rules and it costs me but the illegals face bugger all. If only they simply enforced/applied ALL the immigration laws (and not just the ones applying to legal applicants)…

    • exactly, laws only effect the people that follow them, which would be fine if the people who break those laws are prosecuted, but obviously they are not.

  2. The simple reason for this is the call to “do something”. These laws of course hurts innocent law abiding citizens but that’s almost the point. Think of how much “safer” people feel getting groped at the airport. People that don’t want this intrusion are considered dramatic about “their rights” like it’s a bad thing. We should be able to see the greater good of sitting in our homes in Watertown while the police “handle it”. Pretty ironic to me that the bomber was caught by a lowly citizen after people were “allowed” out. A government does a fantastic job of making it’s citizens believe we “need” them. I just wish more people didn’t believe it.

    • Thats true government “helping us” is probably the biggest lie sold to and bought by the American people, and really people everywhere. A whole culture of fear is created around the “scary” though of what if there was a vacuum where government currently operates. People don’t realize that most of what the government does is for show, as in the TSA, but also with things like the FDA and USDA, yet every time there is tainted meat or veggies it takes hundreds of people getting sick before they are recalled. And same with Watertown, everyone had their rights violated for nothing when in the end, it didn’t even help catch the guy. But everyone got to be treated like a criminal.

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