Law: From Protecting to Targeting the Innocent

There was a time when laws promoted stability, and made it safe for funds to be raised for long term projects that would benefit the population as well as the capitalist. When laws kept people safe from plunder, individuals became free to produce as much as they wanted or were able, without fear of it simply being taken. But there is a bell curve with laws. They create stability to the point where they hold accountable those who use force to take what others have labored for. But as laws progress they become the tool of the plunderer, rather than his hindrance.

The 16th Amendment, authorizing the income tax, is law. A fraction of that money is used on infrastructure, and keeping America safe. But billions, possibly trillions of dollars every year are taken from the American public and handed out as political favors through government backed loans, through subsidies, through grants, and through bailouts. Other funds are used to write regulations which put the “referee” (government) on one of the “players” (businesses) teams. Then those tax revenues collected by law are used to send armed men to farms, stores, and factories to take or dismantle what has been produced.

And when the laws aren’t aimed at robbing the people, their application robs the population through the costs of bureaucracy. According to the Daily Beast a town in New Jersey had to wait 12 days and spend $12,000 on a federal permit before removing a tree from a particularly protected creek, which all the while continued to cause flooding.

Schools now spend about 25% of their budget on kids with special needs. When laws requiring this focus were enacted, it was seen as finally allowing special needs kids to be treated equally. Now it is an issue of treating the rest of the school population equally, since normal budget issues are put in the backdrop compared to spending for a small fraction of the student population. Rather than change the laws, it seems to me that schools instead try to redefine special education, in order to fit more students into an area where they are already forced to spend a certain amount of money.

And though laws should be protecting us, today we see inhuman action taken by people seeking to protect themselves from laws. A lifeguard in Florida was fired for leaving his zone to save a drowning man, when protocol would have had him call 911. Not making the same mistake, a nurse at a retirement home did not attempt CPR on a dying woman, despite the 911 operators’ pleas, because it was against policy. The elderly woman died, but the nurse will not have to endure legal action against her from her place of employment or the state.

Instead of creating legal structures that support our values, Americans are abandoning our values in deference to the bureaucratic structures.

So while laws are supposed to form a structure for a more peaceful and fair society, they have come to the point of strangling normal actions of everyday people. We are not supposed to be slaves to the law, regardless of outcome. Part of the problem could be solved if laws were only in place to protect victims, instead of the current system that curtails certain behaviors even if they harm no one. But the other part of the problem comes down to people taking back their lives as their own, and refusing to put up with rigid structures limiting their ability to follow their desired path that doesn’t hurt anyone else.

The good that would come from cleaning up our legal structure would save people from the unintended negatives of bureaucracy, as well as the sneakily slipped in laws of the plunderers. It is time that true force be outlawed, not just arbitrarily categorized as “good” or “bad” force, and the population be truly freed.

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