Benghazi Terrorist Attack was Preventable

The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, an independent commission sponsored by a think tank and including many former members of the military and intelligence community has released a report about the true story behind the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the Libyan embassy which left U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American diplomats dead. They have found that the weapons used by the rebels were allowed into the country by the U.S. blockade, and have since most likely made their way to Syria.

So this is another example of America arming its enemies. Since this is the same old foreign policy that Hillary Clinton pursued while head of the State Department, that is the difference it makes what happened that night. The difference is if the same mistakes are made again, and who originally made the terrible calls surrounding the Benghazi attack.

‘The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,’ Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline.

She blamed the Obama administration for failing to stop half of a $1 billion United Arab Emirates arms shipment from reaching al-Qaeda-linked militants.

According to the Daily Mail, Gaddafi wanted to make a deal with the U.S. before we supported the rebels (probably the same ones who killed America’s diplomats) in their uprising against Gadaffi. He wanted to step down as President, but the White House told the Pentagon not to pursue that avenue, in a chain of events that lead to the Benghazi attack, which this Commission’s report calls preventable. Instead, al-Queda associated rebels were given guns and gear.

Retired Rear Admiral Chuck Kubic, another commission member, told reporters Tuesday that those weapons are now ‘all in Syria.’…

‘We had a leader who had won the Nobel Peace Prize,’ Kubic said, ‘but who was unwilling to give peace a chance for 72 hours.’

The commission suggested that the planned, coordinated attack on the U.S. embassy may have been a botched kidnapping attempt on Ambassador Chris Stevens in order to trade him for the imprisoned “blind sheikh”. And when news of the attack came in real time to U.S. officials, a counterattack was denied. Four Americans sat besieged in the Libyan embassy thinking they would be rescued, and someone made the call for 130 troops only an hour away to stand down. And it makes a difference who made that call, because she might be running for President.

2 thoughts on “Benghazi Terrorist Attack was Preventable

  1. I’m glad you’re covering this. It is unsettling that the mainstream media in this country is so closely aligned with the present administration. No surprise at all that none of this ever makes headlines on NPR…

    • Thank you, it is indeed unsettling that npr, msnbc, cnn et all block for the most corrupt politicians, exactly the opposite of what is needed.

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