Obama Distributes Tens of Billions in Corporate Welfare

0solyndralogoIt is ironic that the left will seize on the Koch brothers as examples of political corruption due to big money influence. Doubtless plenty of money has entered politics at the hands of the Koch brothers, but what have they gotten for their money? Every business owner has benefitted from the types of politicians which collect Koch donations, because the Koch donations do not aim at extracting a direct financial benefit from their contributions. On the other hand, George Kaiser is a billionaire who injected $500,000 into Obama’s first presidential campaign, and was given half a billion dollars for his solar company in the form of a Department of Energy loan.

Why is this type of flagrant upward redistribution of wealth, this blatant crony capitalism, this distribution of corporate welfare not seized upon by the left who decry corporations for their greed? Solyndra, the solar company in which Kaiser was a main investor, went out of business, taking with it the $535 million footed by the taxpayers. That working single mom, that small business owner, that teacher, that doctor all got robbed so that a guy who was already a billionaire could make a break with half a billion more dollars, which were hard earned by the “little people” that just scrape by trying to make ends meet.

And somehow people think of Obama as working for the poor? Somehow the Obama administration escapes criticism for their cronyism, and playing favorites with our money. Obama can give lofty speeches about how the rich don’t pay “their fair share”, and he can appeal to emotion to try to make you feel guilty if your knee jerk reaction to a sob story isn’t to immediately raise taxes; but the hard fact is that Obama robbed every working American to give that money to a billionaire. When Robin Hood stole from the rich, it was these rich he was stealing from, not the ones who earned their money; he was stealing back what was stolen from the peasants.

Now, the DOE loan program is back and better than ever… better for friends of Obama that is.

Obama’s controversial DOE green energy loan program sparked a firestorm whenGovernment Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer revealed that 80% of all $20.5 billion in DOE loans were given to Obama’s top campaign donors. In his New York Times bestseller Throw Them All Out, Schweizer called the Obama green energy loan slush fund “the greatest–and most expensive–example of crony capitalism in American history.”

This is simply laundering tax dollars to hand them out to friends and donors of Obama and his administration. And this is just one example of the corporatism that Obama has carried out. He arguably traded the top law enforcement position in the country for campaign funds. Attorney General Eric Holder was a bundler (fundraiser) for Obama. It also just so happens that Eric Holder worked for firms defending Wall Street criminals, before taking a post meant to supposedly prosecute Wall Street criminals.

It is good to learn the facts so that you can tell them to clueless Obama supporters who still somehow criticize legitimate businesses while thinking this president will reign in the “greedy corporations” . Obama is the #1 crony capitalist in America right now, making the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer through the power of government intervention.

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