The “Soft Gestapo”: Political Oppression Without the Guns

I wouldn’t yet rule it out, but the future of political oppression in the U.S. doesn’t necessarily need military tactics (though it may still be a piece). We already have a “soft Gestapo” so to speak, made up of agencies like the EPA, IRS, FDA, and USDA. These agencies can be used to target and financially ruin individuals that are be deemed enemies of the state. The federal government works through its non-police agencies to get to the people it can’t “legally” send the police after, in order to suppress certain behaviors, or deter certain actions which are not illegal. These agencies are granted powers to make rules without those rules actually being laws; laws must be passed in the Constitutionally prescribed method involving Congress and the President.

The EPA will go after anyone who dares live off the grid, or build a state permitted pond on their 80 acres, or keep chickens, and any number of other activities that might make someone independent of the Federal government. Everything within the state, nothing outside the state. It is better for the Federal government to have a person on welfare than to have a person who does not fit nicely into controllable society. The EPA goes after people who are self sufficient, who can make their own food, who can keep themselves warm, and who have enough property that they could otherwise avoid interaction with government agencies. Since he couldn’t send in the Gestapo in his war on coal, President Obama instead sent the EPA, who revoked a coal mining permit in order to “save the mayflies”. Who cares about the jobs lost, the people’s lives interrupted, it is more important to make everyone obey!

The IRS was used in place of the Gestapo when conservatives started to organize themselves politically. The Feds must have been pretty disappointed that they couldn’t just round up Tea Party folks and put them into camps; they had to think of another way to break up political opposition to government overreach, violation of rights, and debt that threatens the security of our country. So the IRS intimidated the conservative groups by auditing them, auditing their businesses, auditing their personal returns, demanding donor lists, demanding to know who planned to run for office, and then auditing them again the next year. The lesson: don’t speak up, stay in line, don’t participate in government or politics unless you are going to go down to the polls and vote yourself into slavery.

The FDA actually prevents dying people from trying experimental medications, because, then they wouldn’t be in control of every facet of life and death. They so desire control and power that a person with 6 months to live does not have the right to try a drug that might work–because the drug might be unsafe! And only the FDA is so wise and all knowing as to discern which drugs might hurt or help you. Never mind that drugs approved by the FDA have killed people, caused side effects worse than the disease, or been ineffective. Never mind that there may very well be a cure for cancer, but since the FDA gets half its operating money from pharmaceutical fees, they would rather keep the cash flow, keep the power, and continue working their crony capitalist scheme for control.

The FDA also puts extra costs through regulation on fruit farmers, in order to suppress self sufficiency and family businesses that are harder to control. And just in case any of this might get out, the FDA acts as Gestapo to their own employees whose communications are monitored and spied upon. If they have a problem with the corrupt way the FDA operates, then they will be fired and sued. Whistle blowing in the Federal government is a sure way to the poor house or a jail cell. Isn’t it strange that they tell us if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to worry about?

The USDA wages it war on food production, favoring the centralization of food supplies in order to have control over the survival of the population. The USDA regulated thousands of slaughterhouses out of business to create just a handful of giant butchers; they say it was for safety, but now E. Coli in one animal effects countless others. The USDA serves as a blocker for companies like Monsanto who sue small farms into poverty when their genetically modified seed escapes with the wind, and pollutes others’ crops. The USDA harasses small farms with regulations that favor corporate farms. The USDA shuts down debate about raw milk, and acts like raw milk farmers are poisoning children, when the opposite is closer to the truth. Operating outside of the law, the USDA shuts down family businesses because of “safety” inspections, so only unaccountable government connected large farms are left. The Gestapo must have control of the food, in order to control the people.

All these actions are taken against innocent people and innocent businesses who have done nothing wrong or illegal. These people are simply trying to make a living, run a business, or live a happy life. And it is because of the targets, who all go against the grain in one way or another, that these agencies can be compared to the Gestapo, who regulated behavior and targeted innocent individuals who did not fit into the Nazi idea of what a citizen should be, and threatened the power of the government.

And of course the FBI, NSA, CIA, ATF, DHS, and TSA all fit into the typical operations of the Gestapo in a police state. The quickest way to solve the problem of a centralized, controlling government that oppresses the citizens, and wastes the wealth of a nation is to repeal the 16th amendment authorizing the income tax, so that the federal government would be largely unfunded. Then power must be returned to the states by repealing the 17th amendment which took away states’ suffrage in Senate by allowing Senators to be elected by popular vote, instead of by state legislators. At that point we could repeal every federal agency which is not directly related to protecting the border/ repelling invasions, enforcing the Bill of Rights and open borders without tariffs at the state level, and foreign policy. I would even forget about regulating state commerce; in this advanced day and age there is no reason why states and individuals need to be compelled to use a federal currency, and more often this clause is used to regulate ever facet of human life.

And that is how we start moving towards true equality, with individuals actually having power over government. Never can we hope for perpetual peace and prosperity when some people in society are allowed to operate above the law. Never can the people be truly freed from the bondage of the state until there is no political class, and no one who can operate above the law, or use the power of the state for their own ends.

6 thoughts on “The “Soft Gestapo”: Political Oppression Without the Guns

  1. Acronyms. That’s what they use hoping we dont notice or care . HHS. The department of health and human services. As you point out, Its chilling to have an unelected department dictating policy when most people are unaware of it or as some do sadly, embrace it without looking at the whole picture. We don’t even know yet the ultimate power of these unappointed agencies until THIS one takes hold. Kathleen Sebelius or whoever follows is now in charge of all our health and humanness. I agree with your solutions that get to the core of this growing problem.

    • I have heard talk of a Constitutional convention of the State governments, since by some counts the 34th state, and therefore the 2/3 needed, have endorsed the idea. Now people are talking about getting a balanced budget amendment passed, but I would say if the convention is already being held, try to repeal the 16th and 17th while we are out it. Just that would go so far in reigning in the feds.

      • It is imperative that those amendments get appealed for the future of this country, they have strengthened the power of the central government beyond the original intent of the constitution. But, a balanced budget amendment needs to be thought through. In my own household I have debt, my mortgage, my car payment, etc. if at some future point we aren’t the “superpower” of the world we made need to carry debt for various reasons unbeknownst to us at this point. Amendments to the constitution need to be taken very seriously

      • Those are good points, and I would be far more interested in seeing those amendments repealed, than seeing a balanced budget amendment. It is tough, because we have such a serious issue with debt, but I understand how at times being able to borrow may be in the interests of national security. However, I believe that perhaps instead of borrowing the money, congress needs to be responsible enough to save the money for a rainy day, or in the event of a true emergency, taxes could be raised in order to pay for the excess costs.

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