The Venezuelan People Need Guns to Protect Themselves from their Government

People like to act like you’re stupid or paranoid if you think the Second Amendment is for the people to protect themselves against tyranny. But what about the Venezuelan people currently being murdered and brutalized by their government?

They deserve the right to protect themselves against tyrants who shoot them down in the streets while the civilians protest peacefully. They deserve the right to shoot back when some jack-booted thug with the power of the government on his side kicks in their door. The choice is that, fight back with the same tools the government has to oppress, or how it stands now, innocent people being cut down in the prime of their lives by the government purported to protect and serve them.

Because right now the Venezuelan people cannot go to school, cannot invest in a career, cannot plan for their future. How can you pursue happiness when your path is blocked by tear gas at best, and more often a bullet to the head. This scene has been repeated countless times throughout history, and this needs to be said plainly. Anyone who thinks there is never a need to protect yourself against tyrants in government is just plain ignorant. I usually remain civil, but I can’t escape the fact that you are dumber than dirt if you think people should be disarmed, and the only ones with guns should be in the government. Venezuela is just the most recent and obvious example of this scenario playing out, as it has time and time again.

But this, but that, but nothing. There is no reason for a population to be disarmed by a government with guns, because we can very clearly see the result of that. And yes, I am saying that I would rather see the protesters shoot back at the Venezuelan government. And if you try to convince yourself that this would make things worse, that just more bloodshed would come from these Venezuelan civilians protecting themselves, then you have a friend in Neville Chamberlain. Imagine if mere thousands of people died resisting Hitler in the early stages of his dictatorship, instead of allowing the murder of 12 million civilians, and millions of soldiers in the process of WWII.

Hindsight is 20/20, but one thing I know: no one should have to go through what the Venezuelan people are currently going through. No one should have no recourse to protect themselves and their families. No one should have to hope that their protests get attention, in order to stave off the bloodshed initiated by their government.

And who are the Venezuelan civilians trying to make aware anyway? What is the end result of awareness? Will awareness crush the Venezuelan Army when they yet again march against the people in the streets?  Armed resistance is the only solution.

What can awareness bring? Do the people want a foreign government to intervene to save the people of Venezuela? And why then is it better for “official” good guys with guns to fight the “official” bad guys with guns? What I am trying to get at, is that at some level the people who are protesting are looking for a savior, someone to push back against this brutal crackdown by a brutal regime. I am simply saying, people need to be empowered to never need a superman. Because if that was me in that situation, I wouldn’t want my only recourse to be holding a sign, and telling the world what is happening. I would want to fight back.

And what if there is no one in the world to tell? What if all the governments are the same, and no one will come to the aid of the people being murdered in the street?

So you want to talk about a need for guns? Was it not enough when the Venezuelan murder rate skyrocketed to the highest in the world that maybe people needed guns to protect themselves? Is the government murder of a growing number of civilians enough?

Or are we more comfortable seeing the people of Venezuela submit to the authority and go back to living without toilet paper, and without electronics? Should they just bend to the authority and accept a life of oppression and slavery to the state? Does that make you feel better, when the deaths aren’t in the street but quietly at home out of the reach of the video cameras?

The only solution is for the Venezuelan people to fight back, and long ago their ability to fight back was taken from them by the government. The same government who is now using their own guns to murder innocent people who want nothing more than to live their lives in peace. Now tell me again how I am paranoid for wanting to remain armed to the teeth? Explain to me one more time why I should give up my right to defend myself, and submit to a government monopoly on firepower?

I am pissed off that in 2014 we have to sit here and watch civilians die at the hands of their government because of appeals to emotion, idiotic sentiments, and logical fallacies on the benefits of gun control. This is true inequality, when peasants with rocks are cut down by men with badges and guns. You can pray for the people of Venezuela, but what they need right now are large capacity assault rifles.

3 thoughts on “The Venezuelan People Need Guns to Protect Themselves from their Government

  1. The idiocy of anti-gun supporters will never cease to amaze me. “People with guns are evil so we need a government made up of people with guns.” They love to hear themselves talk, but they never listen to the vapid commentary that tumbles out of their mouths.

    • Amen to that. I wish people would just think logically instead of jumping to rash conclusions void of reason. Maybe their ideas sound all rainbows and butterflies, but its those sorts of ideas without substance that have lead to death and turmoil in Venezuela.

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