National Guard Drill: Second Amendment Supporters are Terrorists

bearcatUs paranoid libertarians just can’t help but think the government is out to get us! While clinging to my guns I just have this irrational desire to be able to protect myself in case of emergency–you know that crazy desire for independence and self sufficiency fostered over hundreds of years of American tradition. And my fanatical love for the Constitution is only matched by my ridiculous devotion to the principles of natural rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. But these are obviously irrational sympathies which only stem from paranoia, anger and prejudice; surely no reasonable person would agree with these positions–except Thomas Jefferson, Roger Williams, Ben Franklin, Frederick Douglas, George Washington, and John Hancock to name a few.

But the problem modern people might have with libertarians is that for some crazy reason we think the government might have an interest in disarming us, and treating Constitutionalists like enemies. Obviously the idea that anyone who is pro-Second Amendment and supports the very foundation of this country, and wants the equality and rights of every individual laid out in the Bill of Rights upheld and protected, would become a target of our own government is absurd, dare I say paranoid!

Oh wait, last year the National Guard decided to do a training exercise that featured angry Second Amendment supporters releasing biological weapons at a school. Supposedly “anti-government” people seeking to protect their gun rights are dangerous to school children, and would somehow think that poising school lunches would advance their cause. And I guess this is all supposed to happen unprovoked? I guess our paranoia might just get the best of us, and pro-gunners will justify their terrorist acts even in the absence of government confiscation without due process.

Our whole point as gun owners is that we are responsible with our guns, and use them in self defense. But somehow Second Amendment advocates would think they could “advance their beliefs” by poisoning children? Yea, that seems like a realistic drill.

Portsmouth Ohio Chief of Police Bill Raisin had no problem with the drill in his town, because he said that is “the reality of the world we live in”. I’m not sure what world he’s living in, but in the world I live in the “anti-government” folks are more likely to retreat to a log cabin in the woods than use terrorism to invite a counter-strike by the National Guard.

After excerpts of the report were read to [Ohio National Guard Communications Director James Sims II], Sims said it was “not relevant” to understand why conservatives may feel unduly targeted by ONG’s training scenario.

“Okay, I’m gonna stop ya there. I’m going to quit this conversation,” Sims concluded. “You have a good day.”

Buckeye Firearms Association spokesman Chad Baus told Media Trackers that “it is a scary day indeed when law enforcement are being trained that Second Amendment advocates are the enemy,”

Because forget about Muslim terrorists who carried out 9/11, Benghazi, the Ft. Hood shooting, and attempted underwear bombing. Forget about the left-wing communist sympathizing Weather Underground, Black Liberation Front, and M19CO who murdered cops and set off bombs in the 1980’s.

In 2012, members of the anarcho-socialist Occupy Cleveland movement were arrested and prosecuted for attempting to destroy the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge with explosives, to commemorate International Workers’ Day.

Last year, leftist groups Earth First and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed responsibility for the sabotage and property destruction of businesses in Washington and Van Wert counties.

Nothing to see here. And when the National Guard held a drill targeting left-wing terrorist, officials apologized the very next day after backlash. But no such apology came to right-wingers. Instead, the government acts as if we are simultaneously terrorists, and ridiculous for thinking the government considers us terrorists.

No no, the real threat of domestic terrorists in America is people who believe that force should not be used except in response to force. Sounds dangerous, right? The idea that we have the right to defend ourselves from aggressors, be secure in our home and effects, and live a life free from religious persecution, or government oppression? Well I guess if you’re an oppressive government maybe those ideas sounds dangerous.

The ironic twist is that the National Guard grew out of armed individuals who would respond to protect their country in the event of invasion, or other threat. Yet now, the same people who would help to repel an invasion with their private arms, who exercise their God given right to self defense, and who think the government has outgrown the constraints of the Constitution are being targeted by the organization they would have once participated in, for love of country.

So turns out it’s not so crazy to be “paranoid” that the government thinks of you as a terrorist if you’re pro-Second Amendment. We’ve also learned its not simply paranoia that makes conservatives skeptical of government power in the form of the IRS. The same people are targeted by OSHA, the FBI, and the ATF. So can someone tell me, why the hell wouldn’t I be “paranoid” with the way things are going? In fact if you’re not “paranoid” that the government’s out to get you, you must either be not paying attention, or a liberal.

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