Rights: Use Them or Lose Them

What do people think happens when someone joins the government? Do they magically acquire omnipotence? Do they cease to act as human beings, instead ruled by some divine law which makes them better than the rest of us? Does one bureaucrat majestically absorb the skills of 100 businessmen so that he can steer the economy better than the peasants? Do officials see into the future in order to protect us from all the bad, and prepare us for all the good that will come? Does a civilian, untrustworthy with a gun, suddenly become a saint incapable of wrongdoing when he becomes a government agent with a gun?

Somehow, even though I have the right to protect myself with a gun, I must defend exercising my rights from those who ask, “why do you need a gun, that much ammo, that much power, or that much capacity?” But when government bureaus like the Postal Service, Department of Education, and National Weather service buy hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets, we’re just supposed to shut our mouths and think nothing of it.

When I buy a powerful semi-auto with a large magazine to protect myself and my property from potential threats, I’m paranoid and dangerous. When the Department of Homeland security spends hundreds of millions on armed guards and riot gear to protect federal buildings, they are just being prepared. But as the taxpayer funding their purchases, I want to know, why do they need riot gear, why do they need bigger guns and more ammo, and what is the DHS preparing for?

Are we seeing a double standard here? Somehow the civilian is now treated with distrust, while the government gets a free pass. Somehow I have to justify what I do with my own money, but the government doesn’t have to explain what they do with my money. Where did we go wrong?

It’s like the government just stole our rights and started pretending they were rights of the government. The government can say whatever it wants, but you better not use hate speech, or say anything politically incorrect. The government has the right against unreasonable civilian search and seizure of their NSA records, IRS communications, DHS purchase orders; but we are expected to show our ID to every cop who asks, and give up our electronic info graciously. Why not, are you trying to hide something?

You see, we fund government. It is reasonable for us to say to government, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about”. But somewhere along the way they flipped this on us. Now its the government who has the right to remain silent, but we have to justify our actions like we’re inmates.

Well you know what they say, use it or lose it. The guys at the gym with the biggest muscles are the ones who use those muscles. Why would I hassle a cop about showing my ID? Why would I refuse to answer the questions on the Census? Why do I cling to my guns? Why do I speak my mind on the internet, and speak out against government abuse? Why do I fight against centralization of power? Why do I rally to free people from the shackles of excessive taxation and regulation? Why push the boundaries, why speak up, why question authority; why not just shut up, do what I’m told, and avoid trouble?

Because our rights are currently atrophied, and I’m trying to get America to hit the gym.

6 thoughts on “Rights: Use Them or Lose Them

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