Steal from the Rich and Give to the Poor

People forget how “the rich” got rich in the story of Robin Hood. Was Robin Hood stealing from the rich who earned their money running factories, managing farms, building homes, and employing people in these enterprises? No, Robin Hood was stealing from the rich who had taxed the “peasants” into poverty. Robin Hood was against crony capitalism. The King decreed unfair taxes and regulations which strangled “the little guy”, and the Sheriff of Nottingham collected those taxes, taking a little on the side for himself. Then the King distributed some of that tax money to his Lords and Ladys, who also became rich because of their connections with the King, in exchange for loyalty and help in subjugating the masses.

The largest concentration of “one percenters” is currently found in Washington D.C.  What does the city of D.C. produce? Do they provide food, shelter, clothing, comfort, or medicine? They like to pretend that they do, but if I put a gun up to a surgeon’s head and told him to perform a free surgery, would I be the one providing the life saving medical care? No. The Lords and Ladys in D.C. get rich off of your tax dollars, and give you peanuts in return. Then they tell you how greedy and selfish you are.

Don’t worry! The King has a solution. Lords and Ladys will sign a pledge to hire those who have been long term unemployed. They will return (if they keep their pledge) a fraction of what the government has stolen and given to them to employees. Of course the employees will then be visited by the Internal Revenue Sheriff of Nottingham and forced to give half of that money back to the King.

Bank of America, which lent $15 million to Obama’s 2012 campaign, and Dow Chemical, whose CEO Andrew Liveris has been described as Obama’s “right-hand man when it comes to advanced manufacturing,” confirmed that they signed Jarrett’s vague and ultimately non-enforceable pledge. The White House will hold an event Friday highlighting the pledge, which is expected to be signed by at least six other companies.

Because, why not run a country like a high school student council? Where’s Robin Hood when you need him?

3 thoughts on “Steal from the Rich and Give to the Poor

  1. This is wicked funny as I was just trying to explain Robin Hood to some one today As always I like reading ur stuff
    These are three bites of news from posted today

    France and the U.S. solidified a partnership to combat terrorism and quell sectarian violence across the southern reaches of the Sahara. The French-American cooperation put renewed emphasis on the role of U.S. Africa Command

    The U.S. officials said they resumed deliveries of a range of goods to civilian actors in Syria as early as late December. These included ambulances, garbage trucks, generators, food baskets, school supplies and office equipment.

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. government is looking at ways to prevent anyone from spying on its own surveillance of Americans’ phone records.
    1-Prevent spying on spying
    2-funding Syrian on us should be voted upon
    3- oh ya were funding and policing Africa
    Robin Hood now stealing from his own

    • Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. Yea there are lots of ways Robin Hood could be used as an example whats going wrong. Our government should certainly not be going over congress to help aide one side of a civil war, I don’t understand why we need to be involved in every military venture on earth. And God forbid we have more whistleblowers that expose corruption and government overreach! I’ll have to check out

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