Do you picture propaganda as a distant tool of authoritarian governments? Do you assume that information you receive is generally accurate, only perhaps otherwise influenced by an individual’s personal bias or worldview? Do you reject the idea that there is a coherent movement in our government to shape our views in particular ways that make us dance like puppets to fulfill the government’s purpose? Well unfortunately today propaganda in the Soviet dezinformatsia style is alive and well in America.

I’m currently reading the book “American Betrayal” by Diana West about the far reaching effects of Soviet propaganda on Americans, forced on us by collusive agents in our own government and American media. So well orchestrated and effective was this propaganda, that we still think of McCarthy as the perpetrator of a “witch hunt”. But witches aren’t real, and communist spies infiltrating the American government and media was real.

To this day, because of Soviet propaganda, we think that McCarthy was just some nut who wanted to suppress freedom of speech by blacklisting people who called themselves communist, and had committed no crime. In reality McCarthy was seeking to root out actual communist spies on the payroll of the Soviet Union who had infiltrated every branch of government and every element of the media. At one time these spies controlled Hollywood, the CIA, newspapers, and even the White House. Because of this, America’s would be savior is considered a pariah, and the communist spies fulfilled their mission, all while playing the victim.

Today it may no longer be the Soviets who are infiltrating our government and media, but there are forces at work beyond personal biases in the media and incompetence in the government. The Daily Caller interviewed Ronald Rychlak who co-authored the book Disinformation “with the highest ranking Soviet bloc defector to come to the United States, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa”. He says that after the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya he was amazed at the propaganda to come out of the White House that was then promoted by media for weeks before part of the real story came out—and we are still waiting for real answers on what happened that night, whose failures allowed the attack to take place, and the extent of the cover-up.

“The fact that there was even an effort to put forth that false story is a little bit shocking to me,” he said. “I don’t think they needed to do that. But it does suggest that there are folks in Washington, D.C. who were trying very hard to cover up some stuff that we still probably haven’t gotten completely to the bottom of.”

Rychlak also expressed concerns over Christians being labeled terrorists by certain elements in the American government, simply because of the social views they express. Yet though a disproportionate amount of recent terrorists have been Muslim, today our media and government tells us it is wrong to “profile”. But our own government has profiled Tea Party folks as terrorists, despite their ideas being taken directly from the founders of this country!

“It’s wrong for an individual to discredit people on that basis” of social issues, he said. “It’s really wrong for the government to label those folks as terrorists, deny them benefits, to spy upon them, to do a lot of things that have been happening and that really are very disconcerting about the United States today.”

The first step to recovery is realizing we have a problem. Turn off the TV, view multiple sources online, and critically think for yourself.

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