Obama Donor “Investigating” IRS Scandal

I have been assured by liberals that the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other groups was well deserved, because you see, “they are against taxes”. And obviously someone who is part of a group the name for which is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already is a tax dodger. It’s just like how I am against EPA regulations because I love polluting, and against the police state because I’m a criminal. In fact anyone who is against Obamacare should promptly be investigated for biological warfare, as obviously this person is likely to be causing diseases in the general population.

This is the attitude I have heard from liberals, and seen in comments on this blog, that the Tea Party deserved to be targeted and harassed by the IRS. That’s why it should come as no surprise–I shutter to think what revelation would actually surprise me coming from this administration–that the independent investigator who is looking into the IRS scandal in a non-biased, ethical fashion is actually an Obama and DNC donor since 2004 and in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Hmm… I wonder if he will find any fault with this administration?

The same people who are thrilled to see the IRS target the Tea Party generally pick and choose which amendments in the Bill of Rights they like depending on the situation they find themselves in. Sometimes the First amendment is an inalienable right that evil corporations try to suppress in their employees, but in this case, who needs the right to free speech? “MSNBC and CNN told me to hate the Tea Party”, so like obedient little lap dogs, when the media rings the bell, they start salivating over the punishment inflicted on those who dared to step out of line in the coral leading to liberal utopia.

This just fits into the us against them paradigm that helps the “power elite” divide and conquer the masses. It doesn’t matter what the political views are, the government should never be used as a tool of suppression to quell freedom of association, and discourage political activism among particular segments of the population. There was absolutely no evidence of tax evasion as some tyranny sympathizers have suggested. But they don’t really care, do they? This is all about finding someone to hate and release their aggression on, and it might as well be those people who threaten the world view that government is religion, that government can provide for all, that government is the mommy of the people.

And as a final slap in the face to anyone who believes rights still exist, the Obama administration assigns an insider to conduct an “investigation” with a glaring conflict of interest. Maybe this explains why none of the victims have been contacted in the investigation. How short sighted do you have to be to rejoice that the government has been used to pummel those you perceive as your opponents? I was against the Constitutional violations in the Patriot Act even when Bush was President–even as a high schooler I understood that the government had overstepped its bounds. Yet liberals seem to have blind dedication to their dear leaders and cheer-lead even as their fellow citizens are berated and beaten by an government with $4 trillion a year worth of power at its disposal.

I see us all as tributes thrust into the “Hunger Games” by the Capital. If we fight each-other, it plays into the power game played by our politicians. Maybe we should remember what Haymitch tells Catniss in Catching Fire, “When you’re in the arena… You just remember who the enemy is”. The real enemy was not the other tributes.

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