New Pro-Obamacare Argument: Good Enough for Government Work

syringeObamacare is a law that was passed by a Democratic House, Democratic Senate, and Democrat President. But that doesn’t stop Jamelle Bouie from focusing his pro-Obamacare argument on the opposition to the law. His article called, “They Just Don’t Care if Healthcare.Gov Works or Not” is a whiny argument that attempts to make the law’s implementation look good, by comparing it to how bad it was 2 months ago. After acknowledging the “massive glitches” that accompanied the rollout of Obamacare, Bouie complains that Republicans haven’t noticed how much progress has been made since then.

The administration responded to all of this criticism—and more—with a promise that would work for the majority of users by December 1st.

Obama has promised a lot of things, like that if you like your plan you can keep it, but apparently Americans should believe him, this time. And in true Democratic form, only the majority matters.

And it does. According to the administration, a five week “tech surge” has doubled the capacity of the online interface to the health care exchanges that form the core of the Affordable Care Act. As of this month, the website can handle 50,000 simultaneous users, for a total limit of 800,000 users per day. The site is functional more than ninety percent of the time, up from fifty-five percent of the time in October.

According to the administration! So that is a reliable source. Oh the administration says that the administration is doing better? Well nothing to see here. If this were a private company, they wouldn’t get a second chance, the site would have failed, investors would have fled, stocks would have tumbled, and everyone who had anything to do with this failure would have been fired. But this is the public sector, and we are captive investors who cannot flee but for renouncing our citizenship (a step more and more people are taking).

And a website that works 90% of the time is only good when you compare it to the same website that used to work 55% of the time! This is insane that people actually tout a 90% functional website as a good thing. Is that how Google, Amazon, and Twitter made it big, by working 90% of the time? We would never have heard of those if they only worked for 50,000 people at a time, 90% of the day.

Bouie continues, “the White House has achieved more than 400 of the 600 fixes”. It’s been two months since the laceration you suffered, and the hospital has placed 400 of the 600 stitches you needed. We can handle having roads closed while our incompetent government fixes them. We cannot allow the same “good enough for government work” mentality to seep into our healthcare system.

Bouie then whines a little more about how the Republicans won’t “concede any good will to the President’s health care law”. That is like complaining that Jesus wouldn’t even compliment Satan’s horns. But Bouie’s not finished yet.

The Republican complaints of two months ago were purely opportunistic. For them, it just doesn’t matter if is working, since Obamacare is destined to fail, reality be damned!

What reality is Bouie living in? Certainly not the one where millions of people have lost health insurance because of Obamacare, and millions of others are paying higher premiums. And we don’t know yet if it matters “if is working” because in addition to the 10% of time it currently does not work, and in addition to the past 2 months when it didn’t work, the administration has refused to brief congress on the security risks that they know put people’s security and personal information at risk! The website does not meet security standards, and people’s identities have already been stolen due directly to a terrible website. And Bouie wants Republicans to nod to the “progress” made, after their concerns have been ignored and marginalized by the administration time and time again?

And don’t even get me started on which party is “purely opportunistic”. Who was it that saw opportunity in the murders of children to pass gun control laws that wouldn’t help? Who played on the sympathies of the green movement to hand out taxpayer dollars to cronies who pretend to run solar companies? Was it Republicans who stoked racial tensions to win elections? But I digress.

Bouie continues on apparently arguing that a terrible law with a pretty name and a barely functioning website it better than nothing, which is what he claims Republicans have offered. He admits “at most” Republicans have offered some ““market-driven” reforms, like changes to the tax code, and allowing insurers to sell across state lines”, which are already in the ACA. Well then why screw it all up with an individual mandate? Just because there are 2 good ideas in a thousand plus page bill does not mean the whole law is good. Disney World is great, but that doesn’t make all of Florida a magical amusement park.

And just like Disney World Bouie’s article is a nice bit of fantasy, designed to allow an escape for disappointed Obama fanatics who would feign illiteracy in order to ignore the writing on the wall.

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