Gov Not Really Interested in Investigating IRS Scandal

The Obama administration was just shocked to hear that the IRS targeted Tea Party and conservative groups for extra scrutiny when applying for non-profit status, as well as extra and intrusive audits. The White House vowed to get to the bottom of who initiated the political targeting, and Eric Holder’s DOJ even said they wouldn’t obstruct justice! How nice of them.

But it has been 28 weeks and not one of the ACLJ’s 41 clients have been contacted by the FBI, or the IRS departments that are said to be investigating the political intimidation of particular conservative groups. According to the Daily Caller, ACLJ chief counsel Jay Sekulow had this to say:

What we do know is the continual release of documents and emails by Congressional investigators clearly show that this scheme was well orchestrated, extremely broad, and politically motivated. Our lawsuit continues to move forward and we urge Congress to continue its investigation to determine the depth and scope of this scheme that violated the constitutional rights of our clients.

It is sad to live in a world where the government can target individuals of a particular political ideology and harass and intimidate them through an agency as powerful as the IRS. An agency which scrutinizes the finances of individuals and groups is arguably one of the most powerful in the federal government, since the financial security of the targets is at stake. This could cause people to no longer associate with conservative groups for fear of IRS backlash. This could cause individuals to be unfairly burdened by the costs and stress of IRS auditing. This comes down to thuggish political tactics by our government to suppress political involvement on the rights, and harass those who are most opposed to government expansion.

8 thoughts on “Gov Not Really Interested in Investigating IRS Scandal

  1. I must have heard this news story spun falsely a hundred times. The IRS, which has as one of their main functions dinging tax cheats, aimed extra effort at investigating organizations that were putting out inflammatory rhetoric about shrinking government and REFUSING TO PAY TAXES through evasive means like calling themselves 501-3c non-profits (exempt) when they really functioned as PACs (not exempt). Yeah, more of those kinds of groups happen to be conservative. So what? If liberal groups were trying to cheat and not pay, they would have investigated them more.

    There’s no scandal. They were doing their job. You can argue all you want over how much in taxes people should theoretically be paying, but if you try and evade your current responsibilities you fully deserve to be audited and investigated.

    • The problem is when Media Matters and other liberal organizations gets tax exempt status without scrutiny, while the right wing organizations are treated with different rules, different questionnaires etc. And if it is not a scandal, then why wouldn’t Obama just ignore it, or articulate that as he has had no problem doing with more egregious scandals?

      • Obama, to my disappointment, turns out to be a “people pleaser” kind of personality. He tries to apologize sometimes for things he hasn’t done wrong, because I think his spin doctors advise him to based on polling. Very occasionally, like in his speech about race during the campaign for the 2008 election, he tells the unvarnished truth. But most of the time, he’s risk-averse. So he gave a “sort of” apology (but not really) for the one local branch of the IRS that acted zealously and properly to perform their job, finding tax cheats.

        Media Matters is a journalism watchdog group with a progressive political agenda that has no position one way or the other on taxes. Why should they receive IRS scrutiny?

      • To properly do their jobs? Some of these groups had nothing to do with the Tea Party, had never encouraged anyone to not pay taxes, and were not attempting to support candidates while applying for non-profit status. The IRS admitted that they were given more scrutiny than others applying for non-profit, and then the IRS audited the unrelated business multiple times of the leaders of True the Vote, one of these organizations. This is harassment, and has nothing to do with finding tax cheats. If it did, don’t you think at least one of the 80 harassed organizations would have indeed dodged taxes? They didn’t because this was political targeting having nothing to do with unpaid taxes.

  2. It was always funny how people are up in arms that the IRS investigated groups that urged others to not pay taxes and proclaimed how a true America a tax free society. Any IRS member who didn’t seek to explore these groups for potentially dodging taxes, which all the rest of us pay, should be fired for negligence on the job. That’s a strange level of elitism.

    • So then if you are against a police state, do they have the right to break down your door and search your house, because you could be planning on doing something about it? This is no different. Bring against taxes, or for lower taxes should not invite a federal agency to harass and scrutinize your organization more so than any other that has different political leanings. So if your argument is correct, they should have investigated them like any other organization, instead of giving them intrusive surveys asking for their donors personal information and political affiliation. Now that it has come to light that multiple progressive non-profits have had money stolen by their administrators, is it appropriate to audit all of them, or just the particular ones where the problems occurred?

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