Political Cartoon: Fashionable Attack on Tea Party Makes the Opposite Point

The following cartoon perfectly illustrates the ignorance of those who criticize the Tea Party for their problem with growing government, rights violations, and taxes. The illustrator wanted to put into perspective that other people fighting for freedom around the world have it much worse than people in the US. But in painting the the Tea Party as crazies who are just complaining about nothing, the author actually illustrates what will happen if the Tea Party, and movements like it, fail. Here in America we are still allowed to protest, which is more than Egyptians and Syrians can say. So does the Tea Party standing up for Americans’ right to protest make them whiners? The illustrator accidentally drives the point home that there are freedoms to be lost in America, and that when we are in jail or dead at the hands of the government, it will be too late to protest. So those who agree with this illustrator that the Tea Party should shut up and go away are the ones welcoming the next two cartoons to America.

Don’t be so ignorant as to think it cannot happen here. We should be thankful that the Tea Party stands up to government overreach and Constitutional violations. What they do now, if successful, will prevent us from being in the same situation as Egyptian and Syrian civilians. Thank you to the ignorant illustrator for making my point.

tea party

2 thoughts on “Political Cartoon: Fashionable Attack on Tea Party Makes the Opposite Point

  1. Most people at some point come to realize that these horrors can happen here in America. The difference between say a tea-party person or a libertarian is that we feel a rumble in the tracks, long before we see smoke over the trees, long before we hear a train whistle, long before a speeding locomotive comes around the bend… meanwhile the sheep are still playing on the tracks oblivious.

    • Well put, which is why ppl who think like this bother me. Its like they can’t recognize a trajectory, and somehow believe, despite everything that says otherwise, that everything will stay the same.

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