Census Fudges Jobs, Defense Fudges Spending

jeepWhat could possibly posses anyone, regardless of political affiliation, mental capacity, or wishful thinking, to trust the government? There is no credibility, no honesty, and no competence left in the majority of American government. Every day we see another example of someone in government abusing their power, targeting political opponents, stealing, lying, cheating, and blatantly abusing the trust of the American people. Finally people are starting to realize that the way to know if Obama is lying is to see if his mouth is moving, but he is not the only one. Is his example intensifying the dishonest depths to which American government has sunk? Or are politicians and bureaucrats becoming bolder and bolder as they see their deceits go unnoticed, and unpunished?

According to the New York Post, the unemployment drop in the months leading up to the 2012 presidential election was due to employees of the Census Bureau falsifying surveys in order to reach the 90% return rate required by the agency. Like a re-run of the IRS, and Fast and Furious scandals, the fault is placed on individual “rogue” employees, while those employees claim to have been following orders from higher up. He has not yet been asked, but I am sure Obama knew nothing of this! When some regions fell below the 90% response rate for Census takers, a supervisor told more than one employee to fake the surveys in order to reach the quota. Among 14 reports of falsifying data in the agency responsible for unemployment numbers, only 4 instances were investigated. Unemployment dropped from 8.1% in August 2012 to 7.8% in September 2012, giving incumbent President Obama an advantage in a race where most voters were worried about the economy. The Census surveys are considered scientific, even though most people are aware that the unemployment rate does not consider those who have stopped looking for work.

But not only does our government fabricate unemployment numbers, they also misplace about $10 billion a year of defense spending. The Department of Defense is not legally required to be audit ready until 2017, yet at the moment they can’t even account for how many accounting systems they have! It could be 5,000 but the official Defense Department estimate is 2,200 for how many systems it owns that are meant to be used for accounting, and these are largely incompatible with one another. Because of this disorganization as well as other factors, “spending documents” are regularly left incomplete or blank, and later doctored by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

The DoD has tried to improve these systems in time and again, sinking money into programs that invariably end in failure. One, the Air Force’s Expeditionary Combat Support System, was cancelled in late 2012 after racking up a $1.03 billion price tag.

In turn, this lack of accounting causes overspending on already well stocked items for defense.

In one example, the DoD bought over 7,000 “vehicular control arms” for the front of their Humvees — despite having over 15,000 of them already in stock, a 14-year supply. Pentagon regulations define “excess inventory” as a greater than 3-year supply.

According to a DoD document provided to Congress, in 2012 alone the department had over $733 million in excess supplies and equipment. Often that equipment sits unused for decades until the government is forced to destroy it, again at cost to the taxpayers.

This boils down to ridiculous amounts of waste and fraud. There is no way for the Defense Department to find out if contractors are over-billing them, which anecdotal evidence suggests has been going on for decades. But with half a trillion dollars in the trough, is it any wonder that the Military Industrial Complex pours money into influencing politicians who will block for the Defense Departments fraud and incompetence, while continuing to approve vast chunks of public spending on defense?

Throw the bums out, that is the only solution. People need to get serious about holding politicians accountable for their actions, and making them pay with their jobs for unacceptable performance. First we need to abandon this idea of two choices, we do not have to choose the Democrat or the Republican, though countless hours and dollars of the media and politicians are spent trying to make us believe the two party paradigm is here to stay. Maybe we need to take drastic steps in implementing term limits for all federal politicians and stripping the federal government of funding and power via Constitutional Amendments. But on thing we can learn from the up and coming generation is that there is a third option, which amounts to being a vigilant citizen, and voting accordingly in primaries, and general elections, and then keeping the pressure on your elected reps and Senators with phone calls, emails, and letters.

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