Common Core: Producing Robots or Students?

Common Core implementation has seemed to slip into our schools in the dead of night. A federal idea, but one that has been argued largely on the local level, because it was accepted by state governments after they were bribed with federal money. Said by proponents to hold schools to a higher standard, it seems to follow the example set by “no child left behind”, and make sure no child gets ahead. How could someone see replacing literature with EPA documents and establishing teaching standards that ignore the differences of students and groups of students in each classroom and school, as something beneficial for education? Probably, that someone, is a person who is not trying to foster creativity, individual achievement, and free thinking to solve problems. The Common Core push has been funded largely by Bill Gates, who has openly stated that he is excited to have a new base of customers and workers created in public education; what will become an assembly line for robots. Watch the speech from a high school Senior below to become acquainted with Common Core, and the problems it presents.

Years ago Milton Friedman said, “The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests. The great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus”. I think this gets to the bottom of the larger issue, is central planning of society or individual planning of their own interests going to produce better results? History shows that for individuals and society as a whole, when people are allowed to pursue their own interests and creative endeavors for their own purposes, is when society grows, matures, and advances the most.

5 thoughts on “Common Core: Producing Robots or Students?

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  2. That is so true. Private schools should never accept money from the likes of Bill Gates or the government. They then will have control. Continue to get it out there Joe!

  3. Unfortunately there aren’t too many colleges that don’t accept some federal money, and therefore strings attached. Hillsdale is the only one i know of.

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