Warning: Street Gang Harassing Citizens Nationwide

wvpThere’s a street gang that has been spreading and becoming more brash in their behavior. The worst chapters started in LA and New York City, but now they are moving out of big cities, and into towns near you. These gang members control their turf viciously, and wear near identical clothing, usually blue or black, and emblazoned with a small metal coat of arms. They are often heavily armed, and have been seen beating, shooting, and kidnapping people all across the country. I’m not talking about the Bloods or the Crips, this gang is even more dangerous. They call themselves, “the Police”.

And what is worse is that the courts almost always fail to bring these criminals to justice! In the past, these gang members have shot innocent people, and walked free. In some cities, they have acquired military like weapons and transportation, and have the nerve to say it is to keep people safe! This gang is not new, but it gets bolder every year, performing record amounts of home invasions that they call SWAT raids (in one of the most recent, an innocent 80 year old man was murdered in his own home). And if you try to fight back when they break down the door, they have the courts on their side, who will arrest and prosecute you, claiming that just because they yelled their gang’s name—”Police!”—before breaking down your door, that you have no right to defend yourself!

This gang will attempt to engage you without just cause, and I have warned in the past that it is unwise to converse with “the Police”, and it is smarter to leave the situation as soon as possible (though this can also be dangerous). The gang is known for having a short temper, and will often hold you against your will if you do not cooperate. In just the last couple days “the Police” have attempted to get a women to show them her breasts, and when she refused, tasered this poor girl. But it gets worse: a chapter in New Mexico pulled a man from his car, and subjected him to multiple anal examinations, enemas, and a colonoscopy against his will, all because they thought he had drugs in his anal cavity. It turns out he did not, but that didn’t stop the doctors from complying with “the Police” who said the man was clenching his buttocks, and that an uncertified drug sniffing dog had justified the warrant; a warrant that had expired before the invasive procedures, and was confined to a different county. Yet no arrested have been made to date for this sexual assault, and to add insult to injury, the medical clinic sent the victim a bill for the procedures he repeatedly objected to!

I luckily escaped a run in with this gang when I was in New Hampshire camping at the Osceola Vista Campground with my family this past summer. Would you believe that the federal government actually pays a New Hampshire chapter of this gang called “the Police” to patrol, not only the common areas of this campground, but rented campsites of visitors? A gang member snuck up on our rented property and began to interrogate us. If my sister’s big American bull dog had been spooked, would this gang member have simply shot the dog, as many “Police” have done in the past (then kidnapping the dog’s owner and creating trumped up charges as an excuse)? Clearly his intrusion onto our site was a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which protects rented property as our own, yet “the Police” have apparently infiltrated our government to the point where no one wants to prosecute them for their crimes, while their scope and authority is broadened daily. We escaped this incident, but the campers across the way were not as lucky, taken into custody for the reckless crime of… rolling a joint… while in the woods…. camping.

And despite these abuses by this highly powerful and widespread gang, many Americans think “the Police” should be the only ones carrying guns! This gang has authority and a monopoly on initiating force, but are not held accountable for their actions, which is the worst combination. Yet if everyday Americans were not harassed by the government for carrying weapons and protecting themselves against criminals, then the justification for needing “the Police” to “keep us safe” would dwindle. If criminals were shot by their victims instead of running free (and being released from jail time and time again) then we wouldn’t need half as many police as we do now. With their numbers smaller “the Police” might not feel so powerful, and this gang may actually return to their roots, where they once did protect innocent people from criminals.

Some members of “the Police” are actually good people, and try to do their job of protecting innocents. But their cause is not helped by officers who routinely violate the rights of the people. Good cops should be even more angry at bad cops for tarnishing their reputation. People in a profession that could once be respected are now viewed with suspicion at best, because of what one faction of the group does. This trend needs to stop, and police need to be held accountable for their actions. Breaking the law is not acceptable just because someone is in uniform with a nice shiny piece of metal pinned on their chest. If police enter a home without a warrant, that is breaking and entering like it would be for anyone else. If police taser a person on the street without just cause, that is assault. If police anally probe a man without a warrant, then they should be prosecuted for sexual assault and rape, just like anyone else. Only if we hold police accountable for their actions as people will we see the rise of cop-bullies stop. But if police behave as a street gang and hide behind their uniforms, hide behind their “orders”, hide behind their badge, or their superiors, or their guns, or their title, and operate “above the law”, then someone please tell me why we even bother having laws in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Warning: Street Gang Harassing Citizens Nationwide

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    • All police violate the Constitution though. That’s the point that not many folks really understand much less know because we often get caught up in the there are some bad ones but most are good. No, no, no! They’re all bad because they ALL enforce illegal laws/codes that are not complicit with the US Constitution/Bill of Rights/our liberty. It’s as simple as that! It’s amazing that not enough folks see this yet but more are, each day. Police are political tools meant to suppress us and engage us to bolster their own self-inflated ego’s too. We’re not a free nation & the police as we call them are the main spear of the internal army the federal govt has raised up.What do you suppose that army is going to be used for later, on a more massive scale?

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